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Classroom education is not enough to acquaint people of the world outside. It is important to see and experience how the ‘real’ world lives -- a world where 80% of humanity lives and uses only 20 % of its resources … a world that lives off-grid … a world that lives with its own rules. Our own village republics of India.

There is a growing awareness about the benefits of this vernacular way of life -- among the other 20% population who consume 80% of resources. This is getting reflected in obsession with everything organic and non-urban. But there is an increasing disconnect between the aspirations of those living in villages, and those living in the cities of India. The twain need to meet – discuss - deliberate and engage with each other so as to learn and understand each other.

Come … Let’s travel to listen to this ‘other’ India… Live in a monastery up in Spiti … In a village where you can pick your own vegetables and cook a meal … Experience a people’s collective where you learn hands-on to sow and reap … Meet a farmer who loves birds … Pick peas and apples up in the Himalayas … Bathe in the glacial melt (if you are upto it) after a 45-minute trek … Live next to a school in Kutch …Encounter a lot more excitement.

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Creative writing workshop @ IHC

India Habitat Centre

Udaipur Chalo! - The Touring School Episode 1

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