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Namaste everyone,

Welcome to the Desi Houston Group for Indians who are divorced, separated, widowed. Divorce comes with a lot of pain and suffering, and it is not a great experience regardless of the reasons behind it. Relationships can be hard, but if we do not know how to handle our emotions, it can be even harder. We are humans, and we are supposed to survive together as a society.

Our goal in this group is to come together and support each other in the most compassionate, loving, and caring way. We all are different, but what makes us unique is to accept others as they are not to insult them in any way. We have had enough hurt so far, our goal in life is not to have any hurt anymore.

Our goal in this group is exactly that. We are here in the local area to support each other, be absolutely respectful about other's opinions, if anyone has any differences in opinion, solve them one on one and not confronting them in front of others. We need to support each other by sharing our experience, so it becomes natural to be comfortable with oneself and others. We believe in the institution of marriage and no one should have to go through it. However, if certain situations are unforeseen, then it is inevitable.

May be divorce is/was worth it for some people and maybe not to some, emotionally, financially, and family-wise. Please note just one of the couple can be in this group, we are NOT divorced attorneys, we are NOT professional advisors or counselors or therapists.

Our goal is also to socialize and enjoy the rest of our life ahead of us. You don't have to be alone or lonely or insecure that you are still single and not young anymore. Let us meet to socialize for lunch, bowling, music, short trips, and maybe cruise depending on the group's interest. Other groups are limited to youngsters, and most dating sites won't work out because of the scam 95% of the time whom you just text not knowing who the other person is, and many people give up after a specific time, S0 this group was formed.

Our ultimate hope is to form a group of folks with shared interests and have a social backup for each other emotionally and spiritually.

As every group is tightly governed by some rules to have a seamless social interaction and best results of it, these are the following rule those can decide your acceptance or denial of membership solely based on the group administrator continually.

Rule of Social Conduct

• No suggesting of inappropriate language, pictures, videos, or rhetoric that will disrespect/insult to other members and go against the common goal of this group.

• Must have an open mind when it comes to religion and cultural differences.

• We encourage all our members to create events to share their experience and knowledge based on their personal experience and expertise.

• Unnecessary scamming of products and advertising of such items will not be acceptable.

• Do not provide any false information, including photos. That will be grounds for immediate termination.

• RSVP changes to an event must be made as soon as you know you can’t make it. Repeated “no shows” may end access to this group.

• Any nude or suggestive pictures will be subject to immediate termination without warning.


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