What we're about

INFO: we're not doing physical meetups until further notice because of Corona. If you want to help us organize something virtual that is not restricted to physical space ping me at tom@meom.fi and let's figure something out :)


A community for designers and anyone who’s interested in design. Topics can be (but not restricted to) Design Thinking, Interaction Design, UX, UI, and CX. Let’s meetup and create a great design culture to Jyväskylä! :)

Our mission is to gather all the designers from Jyväskylä into one strong community so we can raise our quality of work and spread the awareness of Design's power.

Events are free and open to everyone.
Design Jyväskylä is for the design community, not for single company or person.
Events are held every second month.
Events are hosted at local companies that do design.
Events have short talks, good beer and food.

Slack channel: https://designjkl.herokuapp.com/

Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/designjyvaskyla

Twitter: https://twitter.com/designjyvaskyla ;

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