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What we're about

Have you ever wondered why technology products we use on a daily basis are so addictive?

Did you know that these products embed the latest research on how our brains work and habit formation into their product design?

Do you have a curious mind and want to learn about the latest research in behavioral and habit design and how you can apply these frameworks for your products and/or personal life?

What is Behavioral Design?

Behavioral design is design that uses ideas taken from behavioral science: the study of why people behave as they do. Behavioral science investigates questions like how we form habits, how we make decisions, and how different kinds of bias impact our thinking.

Behavioral science gives you a framework to think about how habits work, and what makes them easier to form.

Who Should Join:
YOU are an entrepreneur, small business owner, startup founder, innovator, developer, product manager, or UX/UI designer interested in learning how to get users to adopt your consumer products.

OR you are interested in learning why the daily apps we use (think…Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, etc.) are so addictive.

What to Expect?
Every month, I will present a behavioral and habit design topic. We will discuss how the concepts can apply to product design, user adoption of your product, and practical application.

After every meeting, group attendees can request behavior and habit design topics of interest to discuss in the next month's meeting.

You can expect to share ideas, do some design thinking as it relates to your product, and use the group as a mastermind community to test your ideas.

We will review the work of well known behavior design researchers and authors such as:
BJ Fogg - Tiny Habits and Persuasive Technology
Nir Eyal - Hooked
Dan Ariely - Predictably Irrational
Daniel Kahneman - Thinking Fast and Slow
Robert Cialdini - Persuasion
Yukai Chou - Gamification
Charles Duhigg - The Power of Habit

About Me:
I work for a Honolulu startup and am using behavioral and habit design principles in my role as a Product Manager. I would love to share what I am learning with the tech and startup community and also learn from others.

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