What we're about

Getting things done faster with the Design Sprint 2.0! Hosted by Co. & Steinmejer.

This Meetup is for those interested in learning about Design Sprints 2.0 and other ways to build or improve products, services and businesses in fast iterations.

We want to build up an open-minded community willing to share their thoughts, challenges, learnings and also their expertise, skills and support. That's how we want to grow up and develop an innovative culture.

Meetups take place around Copenhagen, typically no longer than a 15-20 min. trip.

A typical meetup could look something like:
1. A brief introduction from my side, outlining the Design Sprint 2.0 process.
2. I provide a challenge for an exercise for you. So you will experience the Design Sprint hands-on.
3. A brief run through of applications: Who is using it today?, How do you get started?
4. Q&A afterwards.
5. Time for networking.

A perfect fit for:

- Startup founders
- Executives at large companies
- Team leads and managers
- Product Managers / Product Owners
- Marketers
- Designers
- Engineers
- Process gurus

If you have any questions call me at 2174 8899 or write me at morten@CoSteinmejer.com

We are looking forward to meeting you!

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