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The Future of Everything? Design Thinking Blockchain & Decentralization (3 of 3)

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In our final, fully hands-on session of the design thinking blockchain series, we'll leverage our knowledge of core blockchain concepts along with the key UX considerations for designing distributed applications (DAPPs) we reviewed in session 2 to design a solution for supply chain transparency and provenance.

It's a prerequisite that you attended earlier sessions otherwise you may struggle with the terminology and activities.

The Scenario:
A company, FoodTrailNYC, wants to create a solution where consumers have complete confidence in the trackability and transparency of their food supply chain, from farm, to warehouse, to retail outlet or restaurant, to consumers.

How we'll leverage Design Thinking to create our solution:

Empathize: In teams, map out the trust relationships in the food supply chain. Start by identifying who are the humans involved and use personas to frame the problem around people, not blockchain. Map the journey of a package of food from the farm to where it is consumed by the consumer.

Define: Identify the most important problem to be solved and frame the challenge based on the user's needs and your insights.

Ideate: Brainstorm individually and come up with as many creative ideas as possible to address the challenge.

Prototype: Sketch a realistic representation of your ideas to demonstrate to others and get feedback. Which aspects of the solution require blockchain? Which don't? What information needs to be tracked 'on the chain' vs what can be 'off chain'?

Test: Test your prototype idea with others for feedback. What worked?
What needs more experimentation.

And we're done!
Blockchain will change everything ... it’s the dawn of the second internet, it will usher us into the trustless economy … OR … blockchain is a fad, "crappy technology and a bad vision for the future." The conflicting hype around blockchain is confusing and endless, requiring us to learn a new vocabulary … cryptocurrencies, distributed ledgers, cryptographic hash functions, dApps, ICOs...

But what is blockchain, exactly?

And why does understanding blockchain matter for designers and other creative problem solvers trying to improve the way we connect, transact, and communicate with each other?

In a three-part series for blockchain beginners, let’s draw from the designer’s toolkit of empathy and experimentation to tackle how teams can evaluate and apply complex, emerging technologies like blockchain to solve challenges and create new opportunities for business while never losing sight of the human impact of what’s being created.

Session 1: Understand & Empathize: Completed
Review foundational blockchain concepts through visual explanations and real-world examples.

Session 2: Define and Ideate: Completed
In groups, deep dive into a business domain and identify decentralization opportunities and use cases using design thinking tools.

Session 3: Prototype and Test
Build low fidelity prototypes of a business solution that uses blockchain
(Note: blockchain is most useful when what you’re building requires a decentralized system for managing provenance, smart contracts, verifying data, protecting user security, or dealing with financial assets). .

As these sessions will build upon each other we recommend participants join and attend all three sessions to get a taste of how to use the integrated Design Thinking process for problem solving.

Spaces are limited and we want to ensure those who sign up actually attend - $5 signals your commitment. Refreshments will be provided.

The amazing team at WeWork City Hall will be hosting us.

WeWork requires that guests check in with a photo ID and all attendees must provide your full names when signing up for this meetup.

The Building entrance is on Fulton St. on the corner of Broadway. The
nearest subway stop is Fulton Center (connection to the 2, 3, 4, 5, A, C, J, Z, N, R, and W trains)