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Design System meetup Sydney v15.0.0

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🚀 Dominik W.
Design System meetup Sydney v15.0.0

Design System meetup Sydney v15.0.0 is coming up.
This is a livestream event so head over to to watch live and ask questions.

5:30 - Start streaming
6:00 - Michael Dougall
6:30 - Jess Telford

Michael Dougall
Unwinding style delivery
This talk goes in depth into the history of why & how we deliver our styles in the Atlassian Design System, and thoughts of how we might do it in the future.

Jess Telford
GraphQL for designers
Why do developers love GraphQL and how can designers best work with them?
GraphQL is still the new kid on the block, but every day a new project is using it as "The API". In a world with increasingly complex requirements and engineering effort, finding the best way to understand and work with GraphQL can be beneficial for both designers and engineers. In this talk we'll cover:
- What is GraphQL exactly
- The benefits of GraphQL in a world of complex related data
- Introducing the Gap Analysis System to level up the design <-> engineering collaboration

We're a tech design and development studio, and the team behind Keystone, react-select, as well as the React Sydney and Design Systems Meetups.
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