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⭕️ This Meetup group is for designers of products and services across the full spectrum-- from web, phone, & screen digital products, to instructional & educational materials design, to print, collateral, informatics & brand design, to physical products & inventions critical to daily life, to complex architectual & way finding design, transit map design, all the way to driverless cars and the Internet of Things. The common denominator for this cross-disciplinary group is approaching design in a way that places more careful focus on solving for the complex high-distractability problems common in highly creative people and people with ADD or ADHD.

⭕️ This focus area is paramount — going well beyond the everyday design considerations and processes used for everyday products and services targeting the more general population of people — in the US or across the globe.

⭕️ Other design & scientific research disciplines not noted? Yes you too!

Please read further, but cutting to chase: This is a brand new group, and right now we're planning our Kickoff Meeting-- which will be part social mixer to "Meet, Greet, Check out the group composition and dynamic" and part guided Brainstorm Session to elicit the most important interest areas of group participants. To fly this group has to be darn relevant and practical for people in order for you to want to dedicate time to on a regular basis— whether that's once a month, or every 2 weeks. There's a lot to uncover from known research to the principles and practices we discover by sharing what we each know from our particular domain knowledge.

⭕️ Go here to VOTE UP/ VOTE DOWN which days and times might best work for you just for this Kickoff Meetup: https://doodle.com/poll/3gvhnfqbxd39ws6q We'll refine based on what people want going forward.

⭕️ There's more below from my original Intro, which includes background on me as one of the Group Leaders, how I recently just last year got the ADHD diagnosis, how shocking it has been to learn that my struggles are shared by so many other creative people who "think different", what I've been learning from all this, and what is driving the formation of this group. (*I've actually just begun attending a class "Coping with ADHD" and every week I get more blown away by what is known about people with ADHD. I'll share what I'm learning — and am hungry to hear what all of you have learned or are learning).

Let me know if this group interests you -- and what your area of expertise is. We can all make a difference — but especially in sharing what we've learned, what works, and what’s at the top of our 🔥hit-lists of ill-considered design that snares and snarls everyday life for highly distractable people. Feel free to message me using Meetup's built-in messaging or -- contact me by text or phone: 415 255 5448 . Thanks for your interest & passion!
Richard Hoefer //
longitme UX & Product Designer // with prior bg in Film, TV, Screenwriting, Ad & Marketing Design




⭕️ OTHER DISCIPLINES? Perhaps you are a neuroscience researcher or data scientist? or product or QA testing professional with useful data on scientific and observational findings that could and should be considered by designers of all types of products — from software, hardware, paper based forms and signage — to political polling, election & voting systems — to textbooks & marketing materials — all the way to highly specialized life & death products like airplane/jet instrumentation dashboards, construction machinery, rocket ships and driverless cars. Your expertise is highly needed & valued.

⭕️ As your Group Leader, I am a long time veteran of User Experience & Product Design across multiple media formats — film, TV, digital screens, advertising, brand collateral — in L.A. and the SF Bay Area. Less than a year ago I was given a very late-in-life ADHD diagnosis which has now completely shifted my thinking and approach to product design. I am only now discovering the multitude of cognitive and executive brain function factors that have long been obstructing my ability to complete tasks of all kinds small and large— ever since I was in grade school. Thousands of things I struggled to adapt to and create my own workarounds for — things often so quickly and commonly dismissed at large as either ridiculous or completely unnecessary — yet which all along have been the small pieces of salvation that have enabled me to *mostly* live a highly functioning life.

⭕️ “Mostly” — meaning juxtaposed by various periods of high-stress, utter dysfunction, drowning, failure, even despair — never understanding until now that many parts of this puzzle were far beyond my control. These were not failures of willpower or commitment, or signs of laziness, nor gratuitous indulging in whatever curiosity wormholes I would at times find myself fascinated by and choosing to pursue, yet for which I was constantly being pushed away from, criticized or harshly judged.

⭕️ I want to share with you some of my survival outputs — including phone to computer visual workflow systems I have spent the past decade developing for myself just to survive in this demanding world that not only moves super fast but also, by explicit business model design, keeps us addictively swirling in media streams whose entire purpose is to distract, ensnare and addict.

⭕️ Having recently had a chance to now quiet my mind and think about how everything in my career has added another piece to the puzzle, I now have utter clarity of vision about hundreds of factors that were impeding my everyday accomplishment of goals — as though I had unknowingly been riding a bicycle through life with the brakes stuck on — constantly limiting my progress despite exertion levels equal to those of people whose brains were not impeded by these actual problems. And these new awarenesses of the many sensory processing and neurotransmitter malfunctions and ADHD limiting factors that have dragged on my ability to reliably hit the same common benchmarks have clarified my entire life mission. The formation of this Meetup group is just one of the ways I want to contribute toward better usability design that enables people to achieve their personal best.

Below are several research areas currently fascinating me which can springboard specific meetup topics and guest line-ups. But first take this moment to hit reply — or feel free to text me at 415 255 5448 .

• correlations between creativity, right-brain processing and ADHD, and how the same heightened sensory-acuity that gives creative people their greatest "assets" can be the "deficits" that interfere with everyday processing.

• how neurotransmitters cortisol and adrenaline from the body's stress response system block access to our brains’ higher problem-solving functions, impacting mood and choice-making

• the science of music and how harmonics act as neurotransmitter foods that significatly aid concentration and increase dot-connecting problem solving capacity

🔥One of the everyday products of life at the top of my hit-list: BART ticketing machines with their cacaphony of places to look at before knowing how to begin a simple transaction

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