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Hi & welcome to ⭕️ DESIGN FOR ADHD !

1 — There's a tremendous amount of information, research and design for mitigating cognitive overload to share — and this meetup group will explore all of it as we collectively forge this new specialty design discipline.

• Are you ever overwhelmed by sensory overload?
• What does that even mean?

Wherever you are in this process is just exactly right. Regardless if you are struggling yourself with attention, distraction or sensory overload problems, or whether you'd like to learn more about the “hidden undertow effects of ADHD” in order to help understand people in your life who are, or you suspect are, experiencing various cognitive processing challenges, or who routinely communicate with such high-density it overwhelms others — sometimes unintentionally pushing them away… Or perhaps you’re just curious or wondering if you may be one of the many uncaught, undiagnosed people of all ages impacted by ADHD. You’re all in the right place!

And if you’re a design professional, you may want to stretch your craft by learning ways to think about and make your digital & product designs more bulletproof by reducing confusion or cognitive clutter. You may be an expert in neuroscience or ADHD Research and have knowledge to share which could be tangibly applied to more thoughtful design. Or if you’re concerned by the cumulative, fracturing, addictive societal effects of social media, you might want to design and counter-program for digital well-being or more life-affirming uses of tech in our lives.

These are all parts of the wide canvas of Design for ADHD. And your ideas, suggestions, contributions are all welcomed in this collaboration to improve the quality of life for an underserved, generally creative, group of people in the world often subverted from striking their full potentials.

Richard Hoefer (Leader)
UX / Product Design & Thinking
Oakland, CA / Contact info provided in "Welcome Message" after you join.

2 — GROUP GOALS FOR 2020: The pandemic interrupted everyone'e lives and we will be meeting virtually using the Zoom video call platform. Meetings will aim to begin around 6:30pm for a social pre-game and possible demos of work, with the Main Event starting at 7pm, ending at 8:30pm. We will send out a DAY/TIME PREFERENCE CALENDAR (using Doodle.com) to determine preferred times, locations, as well as asking if your company might be interested in hosting one or more Meetups providing a whiteboard and possible laptop projector.

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