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By now it is clear to everyone that the word design does not simply fit into the "beautification of objects" any longer. Design is becoming a problem-solving tool for companies, governments, and society in general. Design is influencing our decisions and drives corporate growth.

However, few brands have the ability to connect with people on a deeper level. Although most marketing teams appreciate the value of tapping into human emotion, they rarely succeed in doing so in a real way.

As marketers, we can shout very loudly and hope someone hears us over all the background noise. Or, we can capture people’s attention with a creative art work that engages and connects with them on a deeper level.

We want to bring members innovative ways that connect design and marketing for measurable results through interactive, peer-sharing events and content that focuses on ways to drive efficiency and effectiveness.

True to a Meetup format, we always have a presentation or learning session and a Q&A which is preceded and followed by general networking opportunities with both experienced and relatively new professionals interested in the design and its use in the successful marketing programs.

We feel peer learning and networking with an educational component is the best way to get introduced to Marketing as well as building your knowledge base and contacts for the experienced online marketer.

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