• design-ops-melbourne-v0.0.14_okay-who-brought-the-dog?

    Moon Dog Craft Brewery

    Don't. Cross. The streams. It would be bad. 👊 Join us for a splice of heaven at the Moondog lounge, we'll be reviewing Melon DeGeneres and Billy Ray Citrus... We may also discuss Design Operations and talk shop... *Note – No key speaker, No presentation at this one. This is just a casual gathering for friends in Design & Tech. Love, Timothy Tamothy Slamothy Chocolate Biscuit Milk Stout 🤙

  • design-ops-melbourne-v0.0.13_mo-money-mo-problems

    MYOB Richmond Office

    Speaker: Daniel Wearne Head of Design at Up Banking A deep dive into how the small team at Ferocia designs and ships Australia's first super-powered mobile banking experience. – Agenda: 🚪6:00 - Doors open - food and drinks 🎤6:30 - Intro 👨‍🎤6:45 - Speaker - Daniel 🍺7:20 - Break 🎙7:30 - Speaker + QA 🤙8:00 - Socialise and networking 🚶‍♀️8:30 - MYOB kicks us out 🍒We go to Cherry Tree Hotel

  • design-ops-melbourne-v0.0.12_stay-on-or-get-off?

    MYOB Richmond Office

    Speaker: Michelle Walter Design Operations Lead at ANZ DesignOps: Building a creative community amongst the chaos of work. – Agenda: 6:00 - Doors open - food and drinks 6:30 - Intro - Ch'an 6:45 - Speaker - Michelle 7:15 - Break 7:30 - Speaker + QA 8:00 - Socialise and networking 8:30 - MYOB kicks us out 👉We go Cherry Tree

  • design-ops-melbourne-v0.0.11_interplay

    MYOB Richmond Office

    Design and code are about to get way more intimate. But as you know, nobody snuggles with DesignOps Melbourne – you strap yourself in and feel the future. Interplay (https://interplayapp.com/) is a hot new design tool coming out in 2019; so of course, we’ve got Adam Walters (the awesome co-founder) flying down from Sydney to show it off at our meetup so you can see it in action before anyone else. It's a tool purpose-built for design systems and allows you to use production code components and live collaboration to design responsive experiences. It shares the DesignOps Melbourne view that "the distance between design and development should be zero", so we’ll be spending the night seeing exactly how it works. Straight off the back of our all-day "DesignOps Essentials" workshop with Dave Malouf earlier this week at REA Group HQ, we’re really excited to be back to our regular unscripted, uncut variety show – featuring our favourite things (ourselves) and 100% more old-school hip hop, live raps, adult drinks, delicious food (dumplings) and the best goddamn family (cult) of designers, developers (and everyone in between) to hang out with. Optimistic regards, <3 Adam & Ch’an — Speakers: Adam Walters (co-founder of Interplay), will be talking about design and code living in harmony, and showing off some demos of the Interplay app in action. — Shoutout to our wonderful ongoing sponsor: Tundra (https://tundra.com.au) for taking care of providing all of the delicious food, in the form of dumplings this time!

  • DesignOps Essentials Workshop x Dave Malouf

    REA Group


    Dave Malouf (co-author of the goddamn DesignOps Handbook) is flying in all the way from New York City to give a rare, intimate, full day workshop for his biggest fans at DesignOps Melbourne. — Why DesignOps? Historically, design practices have focused on process, methods, and craft. But this limits design’s potential—design leaders can provide more value to their organizations by implementing robust DesignOps. In Design Operations Essentials, Dave Malouf will introduce participants to the three lenses of DesignOps, and how each one helps an organization increase the value it gets from its design practice. Participants will learn frameworks from strategic thinking and service design so they can start developing their own operational models for their design practices. — Who this is for? If you are in the early stages of implementing design operations practice in your organizations, this workshop will teach you both a broad and flexible definition of design operations as well as tangible activities for how to start. — What you’ll learn: ♥ How to create a plan and execute DesignOps for managing teams — from recruitment through promotion and even off-boarding ♥ How to develop assessment criteria to evaluate and select current software for supporting design operations ♥ How to develop methods for optimizing workflows ♥ How to integrate DesignOps roles and responsibilities into the wider design organization. — SPONSORS InVision InVision is the digital product design platform used to make the world's best customer experiences. — AGENDA Section 1: What is Design Operations and Why Now? ♥ Framing Design Operations as a support structure for Design Practice ♥ Forces that are pushing DesignOps to gain attention now ♥ The Three Lenses of Design Operations Section 2: Getting to Your Design Value Proposition ♥ How Design adds value to an organization ♥ How you want to be valued by the rest of your organization ♥ Understanding how your organization currently values your design contributions Section 3: Finding Your Design Operations Breakdowns ♥ Introduction to the DesignOps Canvas ♥ Using the DesignOps Canvas to evaluate your current operations Section 4: Building a New Vision for Your Design Operations ♥ Using the DesignOps Canvas to imagine a new Design Operations practice ♥ Using a Service Blueprint to push the details of that practice forward — https://designops.lol/workshop

  • design-ops-melbourne-v0.0.10_die-alone-christmas-special

    Welcome to the party, pal — the most dangerous design meetup in Melbourne is back for the last time in 2018. We'll be heading to "The National" in Richmond on Wednesday, the 5th of December to celebrate the end of an awesome year with our Die Alone Christmas Special. There won't be any speakers, we'll just be hanging out with all our wonderful DesignOps cult members for some more food, drinks and tomfoolery. Also very excited to hear from Ch'an, who is attending the "Code Heart Design" conference up in Sydney this week. Merry Christmas, ya filthy animals. Yippee ki-yay regards, <3 Adam & Ch'an

  • design-ops-melbourne-v0.0.9_back-to-the-future

    Culture Amp HQ

    Agenda: 6:00 - Doors open - food and drinks 6:30 - Ch'an & Adam - intro 6:45 - 1st Speaker + QA 7:30 - 2nd Speaker + QA 8:15 - Ch'an & Adam closing 8:20 - Socialise and networking 8:30 - Culture Amp kicks us out — Never send a human to do a machine's job. DesignOps Melbourne is going back to the future, where the distance between design and development is zero. That's right – we're bringing all our love back to the developers who share a deep passion for design. It's time to unplug from your blinded existence inside The Matrix and open your eyes to the inevitable longer-term directions of design and development in the real world. Our speakers will be 2 lead developers who spend most of their time engineering design systems, design automation, team workflows and tooling. One of them is basically the coding genius Elliot from "Mr. Robot", and the other is closer to John Hammond's granddaughter from "Jurassic Park" who knows how to use a Unix system. The future of design and development is already here – it's just not very evenly distributed. We can only show you the door, you're the one who must walk through it. Join us for this seductive evening at CultureAmp HQ – a place where the beer flows like wine, where the food is not pizza, where the hip-hop is old school, and the code of conduct is non-existent. Reloaded regards, <3 Adam & Ch'an — Speakers: Mark Dalgleish (Design Systems Engineering Lead at SEEK), who will be giving a talk titled "Coding at the speed of design". Adam Brock (Senior Front End Developer at Tundra), who will be giving a talk titled "Insanely Inevitable" to discuss the future directions of design + code. — Shout outs to our wonderful ongoing sponsors: Culture Amp (https://www.cultureamp.com) for allowing us to host our meetup in their very cool space. Tundra (https://tundra.com.au) for taking care of providing all of the delicious food from Wonderbao (https://www.wonderbao.co) before the talks begin.

  • design-ops-melbourne-v0.0.8_pixel-perfect-spooktacular

    Too soon is right on time – DesignsOps Melbourne is celebrating Halloween 4 weeks early. Join us for another intimate evening together, as we share horror stories of how our projects have gone straight to Hell. We'll hear chilling tales of mockups for "desktop", "tablet" and "mobile", with parts of 3 different design concepts all mixed together, that went through more rounds of changes than Freddy Krueger's kill count. Spooky projects where developers and copywriters mysteriously disappeared from the entire design process, until some JPG files had a "Wingardium Lorem Ipsum" spell put on them to get approved, then handed off into the abyss of broken dreams. Or, the mysterious case of the only known Agile project in history that left everyone involved perpetually dissatisfied and frustrated – their fate sealed to an eternity of failed sprints. In scrum, no one can hear you scream. We'll also talk about design systems, Nic Cage, Figma API experiments, Studio Ghibli and Framer X. We're meeting at "The Posty" in Richmond, so that the teams from MYOB and REA barely need to walk. For everyone else, take the DesignOps Express by running into the brick wall on platform nine and three-quarters at Flinders St station. Groovy regards, <3 Adam & Ch'an

  • design-ops-melbourne-v0.0.7_going-rogue

    Culture Amp HQ

    It's only after we've lost everything that we're free to do anything. Oh yeah, it ain't over. The most dangerous design meetup in Melbourne is back. Make no mistake – this one is for our die hard fans, and fans of Die Hard. Do you push great ideas that never seem to go anywhere, and you're dead inside because you know nothing will change? This is your life, and it's ending one minute at a time. Are you working with people who don’t deserve their job titles, don’t support you and don’t solve anything? You know exactly who we’re talking about... They are corporate drones. They are by-products of a risk-adverse obsession. Progress, creativity, reason – these things don’t concern them. What concerns them are vanity metrics, meetings with 27 people, hiring C Players who won’t threaten their jobs. Safety, stability, Salesforce. On a long enough timeline, the survival rate for great people at every bad workplace drops to zero. It's time to go rogue. Join us for more free food, free socks, free gluten-free beer, Free Willy, and rumours of another appearance from Tupac Shakur (the fans demand it). Ruthless regards, <3 Adam & Ch’an — Speakers Milly Schmidt, Director of Product & Design at RateIt, will be giving a talk titled "Rogue One: A Change Agent Story". Chris Cacioppe, Senior Product Designer at AusPost, will be giving a talk titled: "Go Rogue: Turn Frustration Into Opportunity". — Shout outs to our wonderful sponsors: Culture Amp (https://www.cultureamp.com) for allowing us to host our meetup in their very cool space. Tundra (https://tundra.com.au) for taking care of providing all of the delicious food from Wonderbao (https://www.wonderbao.co) before the talks begin.

  • design-ops-melbourne-v0.0.6_careless-whisper

    Once bitten, twice shy. Join us for another intimate evening of quality DesignOps time together – no speakers, just us – like it was back when we first started dating. Let's stay up until sunrise and tell each other our secrets (we hate Agile, too) as we gaze into each other's eyes and plan our post-PSD future together. We'll be talking design systems, improving design/dev workflows, going rogue at work and sharing all the tropical details of our torrid love affair with Figma since our last meetup. Ch'an and I will also be answering all of your frequently asked questions, such as "who are you?" and "why are you still talking to me?" Due to being blacklisted from "Double Happiness" for violating their questionable policies on wearing pants, our new cosy home for the evening will be "Robot Bar" on Flinders Lane, where we can drown our sorrows and try to forget that Salesforce and "Speed 2: Cruise Control" ever existed. Barely legal regards, <3 Adam & Ch'an