Your SDG Action using Design Sprint - Week1/6: What Problem Are We Solving?


Frustrated by progress on the most important issues affecting us today like Climate Change, homelessness, poverty?
You're not alone. 69% of people are worried or very worried - but there is something you can do (while learning a cool skill)

Join The Ladder 6 week, one night a week global goals accelerator to co-create initiatives, products, services with inter-disciplinary professionals, NGOs and community - and directly impact key issues for life in Dublin, Ireland and the world.

People just like you have helped some of the best organisations and communities tackle problems, like the Migrant's Rights Centre, ElderShare, Change Donations, SOA, City Councils, SDG Coalition, Dublin 8, Way2B - and many more.

Register for all workshops below, and you'll become part of one of the project groups.

6 Aug - Mapping the Problem workshop [THIS WEEK]

+ next week - Ideation workshop [DAY2]

+ next week - Planning workshop [DAY3]

+ next week - Prototyping workshop [DAY4]

+ next week - User Testing workshop [DAY5]

+ next week - Roadmapping workshop [FINAL WEEK]

- Connect with Innovation Professionals, technology, local government & the non-profit sectors

- Take action towards the global goals targets (United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and Social Progress Index)

- Learn to apply innovation methodologies (Design Sprint, Impact Measurement) for local problems, at your organisation, startup and life

- Co-create a real initiative, product or service with inter-disciplinary professionals

What you will Learn

There is only one real way to learn the skill of making real impact - by doing - so you will solve a real problem with a local non-profit ,organization, business start-up or community project, using skills you already have (and they need) in a structure we provide through 'Design Sprint' over 6 weeks.

You will learn how to define, ideate, prototype and test any idea using, the fastest and cheapest way possible. Validate your idea before spending significant money, time and resources using the most rigorous, proven - and innovative approach available today.

Not only will you be learning, you'll be contributing directly to a real local cause as well as helping The Ladder reach it's goal - getting nations to reach the global sustainable development goals by 2030 by scaling impact.

The outcome is that you will be a Design Sprint Practitioner- ready to try your own idea with a sprint as well as getting inside a real non-profit or charity and contributing locally.

Get in touch with us at [masked] with any questions and ideas.

See you at our workshops?
The Ladder Team