• Designers i Stockholm IX: Designing for video @ Bonnier Broadcasting

    Designers, creatives and tech people! It's time for Designers i Stockholm again and the theme this time is designing for video. We're happy to have Bonnier Broadcasting (http://bonnierbroadcasting.com/) hosting this meetup! They are the proud owners of TV4 and C More 🎉 * 18:00 - Doors open: Food & Drinks! * 18:30 - Introduction * 18:40 - Mapping the real world to data - Maria Wikforss, User Experience Designer på Bonnier Broadcasting To measure how often, how much and what our users are looking at is an important part of our business. We are constantly trying to improve our key performance indicators: How can we increase the amount of viewing time, number of visits, signups, etc, drives a major part of our work and priorities. When I, as a user, sit on the TV-couch the goal is not to signup or to watch as long as possible. It's more likely something else: To relax, escape reality or experience something. We were curious about mapping these drives - why you are watching TV / VOD - but also trying to see if we can somehow connect these with our key performance indicators. * 19:00 - How we work at SVTi - Elin Axelsson, UX-designer SVT Nyheter * 19:10 - Design for readers on the go - Veronica Wallström, Digital AD at Expressen 60 seconds, 4 videos, 2 brands, and 1 experience. * 19:20 - Design Principles for Design Principles - David Snow, Head of UX, Publishing Platforms at Schibsted Media * 19:30 - What’s so ethical about design anyway? - Jesper Bylund, UX developer at Better Each Day Interested in doing a lightning talk or a 20 min presentation?! Send us a message [masked], everyone is welcome!

  • Designers i Stockholm VIII: Designing for kids @ Apegroup

    We're excited to announce the next edition of Designers in Stockholm. This time we'll focus on kids and how to design for them. Apegroup ( https://www.apegroup.com/ ) will be our lovely hosts this evening, they are a digital studio busy designing and building products, content and businesses. 18:00 - Doors open 18:30 - Introduction 18:35 - From doodle to a real painting — Doodlespot design case Design case by Apegroup Nils Sköld, Design director (https://twitter.com/nilsskold) Christian Appel, Art director (https://twitter.com/c_appel) 19:00 - Two-three 5-10 min lightning talks 19:30 - Six learnings from designing for kids - Petter Karlsson, Toca Boca. Petter Karlsson ( https://twitter.com/petterkarlsson ) have been at Toca Boca ( https://tocaboca.com/ ) for 2 years and during that time made a bunch of apps played by kids all over the world. Designing for kids also means understanding kids and understanding kids means designing not only for - but also with kids. Petter will share six of his favourite learnings from doing this. Interested in doing a lightning talk?! Send us a message [masked], everyone is welcome!

  • Designers i Stockholm VII:Designing a Better World @Norrsken

    It's finally autumn and time for the first Designers i Stockholm of this season! We're excited to announce that we this time will be at Norrsken (https://www.norrskenhouse.org/), a pretty (totally) awesome co-workingspace here in Stockholm. Schedule: 18.00 - Beer + Vegan finger food from Taku-Taku 18.30 - Welcome & Intro by Unn (https://twitter.com/unnderbar) & Jonny (https://twitter.com/javve) 18.40 - Interview with Hanna Kulin, designer at 29k 19.00 - Design strategy for Welcome App - Tobias Rosman, founder of Welcome App (http://welcomemovement.se/) 19.20 - Lightning talk: Big bets, design and tech. - Tobias Svenlöv, Millijoin (https://millijoin.com/) - Feel safe everywhere 19.30 - Lightning talk: HealthTech, when tech is improving life by Per Eriksson, Doctrin (http://doctrin.se/) 19.40 - What could psychology teach us about our digital behaviour? - Ida Lemoine, Beteendelabbet (http://beteendelabbet.se/) Today we are all the time under the influence of technology - but do we have the choice to disconnect? What if we could design for the well-being of the consumer, the planet and the business - all at once? Btw, if you want to know more about nudging (how to nudge people from intent to action), check out this free course (https://dailybitsof.com/courses/nudging) that Ida and her team have made (in Swedish). 19.50 - Mingle and meet new friends!

  • Designers i Stockholm VI: New Beginnings @ Valtech

    Hello designers and designers enthusiasts, Here comes Designers i Stockholm VI! We are happy to announce that Valtech (https://valtech.se/) is kindly hosting this event. They have a beautiful office at Kungliga Myntet on Kungsholmen. #1 Design Case: Ungdomsmottagningen - by Visar Ulaj (https://twitter.com/visars) (Creative Director, Valtech) #2 Life in South Korea’s most connected city - by Elin Aram (https://twitter.com/elinaram) & Lars Ericsson (https://twitter.com/larsericsson) (Doberman (https://doberman.co/)) A peek into the life of someone who lives in a super-connected city, surveilled by cameras and sensors everywhere. #3 Fake it till you make it - by David Wärnberg (https://www.instagram.com/proclaim/) (Proclaim Design (http://proclaim.se/)) Expect inspiring talks and good mingling as usual! Agenda: 18:00 – Welcome reception. Food, drinks and mingle. 18:30 – Speaker #1 19:10 – Speaker #2 19:45 – Speaker #3 20:15 – Event wrap-up / Drinks / Conversations! Vi ses, Designers i Stockholm http://www.facebook.com/DesignersIStockholm http://designersistockholm.com/

  • Come and meet developers!

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    There are 11 slots open for designers! https://www.meetup.com/Designers-meet-Developers/events/231737457/


    Impact Hub Stockholm

    TICKETS ARE FREE, BUT YOU NEED TO SIGN UP HERE! The Night of Impact: Designer World will showcase three of Impact Hub Stockholm’s wonderful designers, including: a graphic designer, product designer, and urban designer. Expect to enjoy a night of inspiration as well as co-creation! Each speaker will give a prepare a 7 minute presentation on the nature of their work followed by 10-15 minutes for the audience to ask clarification questions. Afterwards, the audience shall engage collectively in a creative problem-solving process aimed at addressing selected challenges announced by the designers in areas of graphic, product and urban design. Designers: Ulf Karneman – Ad-Venture Ad-Venture's mission is to provide the same skills and service as the “big agency”, but in a more personal way and at a lower cost. We achieve this by exerting control over all projects, low overhead costs and utilizing our network built up over the years with brand gurus, original designers, event and web agencies and copywriters with different special skills. Ad-Venture helps clients with everything from logos to commercial brochures,packaging design, web, advertising and trade shows." Viviane Jaeger – SquidLondon “We thought it would be so cool to walk down the street, it starts to rain and your clothes turn into a walking Jackson Pollock”. — Viviane Jaeger and Emma-Jayne Parkes, SquidLondon. In 2008 designers Viviane Jaeger and Emma-Jayne Parkes launched the Squidarella: an umbrella that changes colour once wet. Several years and lots of experience later, fashion and apparel brand SquidLondon have collaborated with the likes of Colette, Tate, MoMA and The British Museum, and stocked in 25 countries worldwide. Squid’s latest brain child is SquidKids which won the Notonthehighstreet award for best ‘baby and child product’ in 2015. Peter Santesson – Synk Arkitektur Peter Santesson is an architect, real estate developer and social entrepreneur devoted to innovative architecture for a better society. Peter has founded Synk Arkitektur (Architecture) and Synk Fastigheter (Real Estate Development) and is a board member and co-founder of Open House Stockholm and the Swedish Association for Building Cooperations (Byggemenskaper). Peter is also a board member of Stockholm Building Association, the leading association of real estate decision makers in Stockholm and Sweden. PROGRAM 18.30 Doors open 18.45 Presentations 19.30 Break 19.45 Co-creation session 20.45 Summary and check out 22.00 Doors close

  • May meetup on Design

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  • Designers i Stockholm V


    Hello designers and designers enthusiasts, Here comes Designers i Stockholm V! We have 2 confirmed talks: #1 Side Projects Are Stupid - by Tobias Van Schneider (Spotify) #2 Our Side Projects Are Stupid - by Fredrik Öst (Snask) We are happy to announce that Spotify is kindly hosting this event. This will be a great opportunity to meet their venue and the ideas behind one of the most stablished and successful startups in Sweden. Expect good talks and good mingling as usual! Agenda: 18:00 – Welcome reception. Drinks and mingle. 18:30 – Speaker #1 Tobias Van Schneider (@schneidertobias), http://www.vanschneider.com/ 18:50 – Speaker #2 Fredrik Öst (@snask) http://snask.com/ 19:10 – Event wrap-up / Drinks / Food / Conversations! Vi ses, Designers i Stockholm http://www.facebook.com/DesignersIStockholm

  • Designers i Stockholm IV

    Tictail HQ

    Hello designers and designers enthusiasts, Time for another great Designers i Stockholm event! We have two great talks for you: #1 Design at GitHub - by Tobias Ahlin #2 Designers as founders: The design evolution of our product - by Tictail This time we are being kindly hosted by Tictail - and it's the first time where a startup is going to host Designers i Stockholm. We are extremely excited about that and looking forward to see the kind of different perspective that this will add to the event. Agenda: 18:30 – Welcome reception 19:00 – Speaker #1 Tobias Ahlin (@tobiasahlin), http://www.tobiasahlin.com/ 19:30 – Social Break 20:00 – Speaker #2 Tictail, http://www.tictail.com 20:30 – Event wrap-up / Drinks / Food / Conversations! Vi ses, Designers I Stockholm http://www.facebook.com/DesignersIStockholm

  • Designers i Stockholm III


    Hello everybody and we hope you are all ready for a new event! We have two great talks for you: #1 What the hell (did not) happen with the graphic profile? Why is the graphical profiles today still firmly rooted in print - when most companies nowadays communicates mainly on the web? About the Speakers: - Fredrik Marcus is Internet's answer to Willy Wonk. He calls himself the worlds oldest web-designer and has been in the business before the Jurassic period. A funny and always unpredictable speaker. He works as Creative Director at Creuna and is a fashion blogger in his spare time. - Johan Ekhager is a designer, coder and geek. Working as a designer during daytime and coding at night. BIG typography lover (especially for web). Experience from three different startups before ending up at Creuna. We love to create contrast in our events! We decided to ask Andreas Zecher to join us this time and talk about game design. He describes his talk like this: #2 A Primer on Game Design We'll talk about the basics of designing games with a focus on prototyping and iteration. How do you turn an idea into a playable thing without making too many assumptions? About the Speakers: Andreas Zecher is an independent game designer and very talented web developer. He is also the founder of @promoterapp and a team member of @spacesofplay. With creative ideas and amazing skills he created games like Spirits which we really love! We are so excited to get this started and hope you all join us! Agenda: 18:30 – Welcome reception 19:00 – Speaker #1 Fredrik Marcus & Johan Ekhager, www.creuna.se 19:30 – Social Break 20:00 – Speaker #2 Andreas Zecher (@andreaszecher) www.promoterapp.com 20:30 – Event wrap-up / Drinks / Food / Conversations! Vi ses, Designers I Stockholm http://www.facebook.com/DesignersIStockholm