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This group about how to design wisdom economies (i.e., whole-person/whole-system economies) using the MetaImpact Framework. This Framework provides an integrated model of the relationship between four types of impact, ten types of capital and their measurement, and a quadruple bottom line of People, Profit, Planet, and Purpose. One of the distinguishing features of this Framework is how it integrates all of these elements into a very intuitive and easily applied approach.

We will provide training and support in designing thriving systems to maximize positive impact, using multiple capital assessment, value accounting, and integrated reporting.

The types of things you learn and experience through this group are:
Gain access to powerful tools you can immediately apply to have more positive impact in any mission driven project or organization
- Learn to develop effective systems that cultivate thriving people, projects and organizations
- Understand the concept of multiple forms of capital and metrics associated with each.
- Treasure what you measure, so measure what you treasure.
- Understand the critical relationships in between behaviors, systems, relationships and mindsets.
- Understand the relationship in between Impact, quadruple bottom lines and types of capital.
- Learn about how currencies can be applied to make visible, enable and shape value.
- Identify what types of capital can be generated in your projects and life.
- Learn to distinguish tangible and intangible value and how to make the intangible visible.
- Learn how to achieve the four types of Impact: Clear, High, Deep and Wide.
- Learn about multidimensional accounting and how it can leverage your organization.
- Learn how the MetaImpact Framework can be used to activate Wisdom.

The type of folks who would greatly benefit from this group are:
Social Entrepreneurs, Movement Builders, Visionary Business Designers, Non-Profit Leaders, Organizational Consultants, Impact Investors, Triple Bottom Line Aficionados, Sustainability Practitioners, CSR professionals, Conscious Capitalists, New Economy Folks, Change Makers, Holistic Educators, Transdisciplinary Practitioners, Marketeers/Brand Managers, Integrative Thinkers, HR Directors, Integrated Reporting Users, Alternative Currency Advocates, Integral Practitioners, GNH Enthusiasts, Mixed Methods Researchers

For more information on the MetaImpact Framework, you can visit www.metaintegral.com

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