What we're about

Are you tired of how divided we are as a country?

Looking to engage in some meaningful discussion and learn from people from all across the political spectrum?

Are you willing to listen to others who believe differently than you and try to REALLY understand without getting emotional?

If so, then this is the group for you!

Our Mission:

The DSC mission is to help individuals deepen their understanding of people whose political beliefs do not align with theirs, and increase mutual compassion through respectful, civil conversation.

We value being:

• Inquisitive – listen, ask clarifying questions to avoid making assumptions, take notes if necessary

• Respectful – listen, no name calling, no accusing, no insulting

• Inclusive – listen, be open to other points of view even if they do not align with yours

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I hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

My GF Heather and I hosted my parents and local family (about 15 people in total). She did most of the cooking and I helped with cleanup, and played butler, making sure everyone had drinks and got to the food in an orderly fashion. It was a blast.

My only contribution to the food (besides eating it) was making banana pudding. It got rave reviews!

Last time, we had a deep discussion about China and Taiwan, which morphed into a conversation about the pandemic.
Suggested topics for next time:

There have been two big trial verdicts recently, Kyle Rittenhouse and Ahmaud Arbery. What do you think these verdicts and the reactions to them say about the US? What was your reaction to them?

What is the so seductive about conspiracy theories? How do we change the direction in the US, which seems to be headed towards a significant part of the population believing more in conspiracy theories than common sense? (Andy) https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/why-people-fall-for-conspiracy-theories/

A question for 1 min discussion, not necessarily political but interesting to me nonetheless:

Do you think there have been any benefits of the pandemic?

As always, we'll go wherever else the conversation takes us.

Looking forward to next time!

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