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Have you ever experienced a conversation with friends, or maybe colleagues, where the deepening flow of ideas and feelings just seemed to take on a life of its own and the experience felt, somehow, magical or in a zone? And in that moment, you felt you were seeing the very best of who they were, while you were also your most genuine and open self. There was "something" in that time of deep communication that was so very different from the typical impersonal or contentious conversations. Perhaps you wanted it very much again but didn’t know how to make it happen. ­­­­

At another time, you may have tried to share the depths of your own views with someone whose perspective was different, maybe even the polar opposite of yours, only to realize there was "something" preventing each of you from truly understanding the other. And if you have observed and tried hard enough to understand the nature of these "somethings" that either promote or prevent the most authentic communication between people, then perhaps you have noticed it is not only others affected, but you as well. Haven’t you wondered if there’s a way for people to peer through the "somethingness" barrier and experience the best of this true freedom in communication?

Well, we believe there is, and we think we know something about it. The late physicist David Bohm and others have spent decades investigating the "something", developing an understanding of what It is, where It comes from, and developing an approach to allow that freedom in communication to appear, over and over again. Bohm adopted the word “Dialogue” to identify his philosophy and to encompass all we know about the what, the why, and the way through. So, when we refer to Dialogue (big “D”), we mean much more than casual discourse or even intense intellectual discussion. For instance, you may be surprised to hear that, in the experience of Dialogue, listening and silence might be the most powerful parts of a conversation.

These practices and insights are available through a committed exploration of Dialogue. This is not a typical discussion group and is not for everyone. However, the type of conscious communication we are promoting has real-world, practical implications and is currently being discovered and practiced by forward-thinking organizations the world over.

So, if you are serious about a change in the practice of meaningful communication and seek active participation in this group, an understanding of the fundamentals of Dialogue is essential and will aid in your decision to move forward. Go to our site, download and read: Excerpts - The Art of Thinking Together.


If still interested, an RSVP is required for our scheduled meetings, and the Organizer will contact you, prior to the meeting, for a brief introduction.

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