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Looking for a pragmatic understanding of machine learning? Neural networks? Deep learning? Dessa (https://www.dessa.com/) brings you the Production Level Deep Learning Meetup. This is not about research or academics, it's instead about getting your models into production. This is how we do things at Dessa--we want to develop ML for the real world.

At the Meetup, learn from Spark and ML experts that dig deep into the internals of Spark Core, Spark SQL, DataFrames, Spark Streaming, MLlib, Graph X, BlinkDB, TensorFlow, Tensorframes, Caffe, Theano, OpenDeep, DeepLearning4J and more.

More hands-on than your average Meetup or blog post, we'll explore and discuss best practices and idioms of the code base across many areas including: Spark's JVM Bytecode Generation, CPU-cache-aware Data Structures and Algorithms, Approximations, Probabilistic Data Structures, Shuffle and I/O Optimizations, Streaming Micro-batch Scheduling, Performance Tuning, Configuration, Monitoring, Auto-Scaling, etc.


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Dessa collaborates with enterprise teams across industries to blueprint, build and deploy customized AI systems that reinvent what’s possible for business.

Learn more at https://www.dessa.com/ (http://dessa.com)

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Machine Learning Workshop With TensorFlow 2.0 & Atlas

Hello Dessa Community, we would like to invite everyone for another meetup at our HQ! In this meetup, attendees, will run through a full image segmentation use case, led by our team of expert Machine Learning Engineers. We will be using our ML development tool, Atlas, so please make sure to download before you arrive (Instructions below)! In this meetup you will learn: - How to use enterprise grade ML tools - How to build an image segmentation model on Atlas CE - How to use Tensorflow 2.0 Again, we will be using Atlas, our ML toolset to run through the workshop, so please note that you must bring a computer with Atlas installed before you arrive — we reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone who joins without a laptop. Event Checklist: 1. Download Atlas here: https://www.atlas.dessa.com/?u=meetup 2. After you sign up with the link above, check your email where you will find installation instructions. 3. Join the community slack. 4. Don’t forget to bring your laptop! Agenda: 6:00-6:30pm: Arrival and setup 6:30-6:45pm: Atlas introduction and background 6:45-8:00pm: Use case introduction and problem-solving session As always, we will provide snacks and refreshments. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions at all! P.S. This is a dog-friendly office, so please be aware if you have allergies. Thank you!

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