Lesson 2: Introductory workshop to TensorFlow

Production Level Deep Learning: Dessa's Meetup Lab
Production Level Deep Learning: Dessa's Meetup Lab
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Learn the basics of Google’s open-source framework Tensorflow to create your own custom machine learning models for tasks such as prediction and classification.


We will give you a practical introduction to Tensorflow’s dataflow paradigm and how to use the Core Tensorflow API to give you full control over the type of models you create.

You will learn:

• What Tensorflow is and its basic components

• What Tensorflow can be used for

• Tensorflow’s dataflow paradigm

• How to build a computational graph in Tensorflow

• How to evaluate graphical nodes

• How to use Tensorflow’s Optimizer

Please be on time and bring your laptop. Food and drinks will be served.

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Lesson 2: Introduction to TensorFlow

Lesson 3: Machine Learning in TensorFlow

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Lesson 5: TensorFlow and Kubernets in the Cloud

Lesson 6: Putting it all Together