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Destination Meditation is a travelling group meditation community that explores all of the wonderful, high-vibration sites around the city of Chicago and its suburbs such as temples or places of worship, parks or other natural settings, and schools or places of learning.

Our ideal is to spread peace by teaching and encouraging the practice of meditation in its many forms. Thus, no experience is necessary. People of all skill levels are encouraged to come and go as they please noncommittally. It is our goal to one day have a citywide movement of meditators coming together in the spirit of peace, joy, and growth. Even if your ideal is just to enjoy yourself by spending a day somewhere cool and new, that'd be fine by us! =D

These events are hosted by the School of Metaphysics, a 501(c)(3) non-profit educational institution whose ideal is to help any individual willing to put forth the effort to be a Whole-functioning Self not dependent on any person, place or thing for their peace, contentment, and security. Our purpose is aid in the evolution of humanity by ushering in Intuitive, Spiritual Man. Our activity is teaching teachers. Any donations to Destination Meditation (which are welcome but in no way required) are split to benefit the School's continual growth (42.5%), the venue for our Meetup if allowed (42.5%), and an anonymous member of the community looking for a hand up not a hand out (15%). If you know anyone in need who is trying to better their circumstances and could benefit from this anonymous gift, please do not hesitate to inform us as we are always looking for avenues for giving.

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Destination Meditation - Baha'i House of Worship

Bahá'í House of Worship

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