• Trucking Freight Futures


    U.S. Trucking is a $726 billion industry. If a product is going somewhere in the U.S., 7 out of 10 times it is getting there on a truck. Freight markets are constantly evolving due to digitization, regulations, cyclical trends, and domestic and global impacts. These factors drive market volatility while also creating opportunity. Nothing has existed in the industry to hedge U.S. trucking spot market volatility—until now. FreightWaves, in conjunction with DAT, Nodal Exchange and Nodal Clear, has created the first-ever financially settled Trucking Freight Futures contracts, launching March 29 on the Nodal Exchange. Now is the perfect time for both hedgers and speculators to learn about Trucking Freight Futures. We’re hitting the road this February and heading to seven major cities across the country with a road show designed to educate and inform participants on the market size and opportunity that comes with this exciting new Futures market. You're invited to join us for a complimentary 90 minute Trucking Freight Futures information session and Q&A followed by a cocktail networking hour. Tickets are free, but registration is required. Seats are limited in each market and are first come, first serve, so register soon! https://www.eventbrite.com/e/trucking-freight-futures-roadshow-detroit-tickets-54936490522

  • The Benzinga Inspiration Series: The Kevin O'Leary Story

    RSVP here. (https://www.eventbrite.com/e/the-benzinga-inspiration-series-featuring-kevin-oleary-tickets-29409407329) Join “Shark Tank” panelist and multi-millionaire investor Kevin O'Leary as he recounts the story of his career in business in a town hall-style event. Benzinga will host the inaugural talk of the Benzinga Inspiration Series, “From the Basement to Billions: the Kevin O’Leary Story” this Friday, November 18 at its office in downtown Detroit. O’Leary’s path to becoming “Mr. Wonderful” started when, as a teenager working at an ice cream store, a manager humiliated him on the first day of his job. From that point on, O’Leary swore to never again work for someone besides himself, and went on to build a series of hugely successful companies, eventually selling a business to toymaker Mattel for $3 billion. This Friday, O’Leary will share how he built his business with Detroiters at an event open to the public, and answer questions from the audience. Entrepreneurs, this is your chance to pitch one of the most famous "Sharks" in the investment world! Don't miss out. Again, all RSVPs should go through this page. (https://www.eventbrite.com/e/the-benzinga-inspiration-series-featuring-kevin-oleary-tickets-29409407329)

  • Data Scientists Meetup w/ Experts from Quicken Loans

    Our world is drowning in data, and inherently many organizations struggle to employ their data assets to drive strategic and tactical decisions. This has created what is commonly known as “data rich, information poor” world. This state gave birth to the field of Data Science – which is the art and science of leveraging data in creative ways to give organizations competitive advantages. On March 30, we will be hosting several of the smartest data science minds from Quicken Loans like Mo El Kaderi, Yogesh Dalal, Mike Tan, etc and other companies. COME LEARN, NETWORK AND SHARE IDEAS WITH THE BEST IN DATA SCIENCE AND SEE BENZINGA'S NEW DETROIT OFFICE! If you are a new to data science this event will be very helpful as you can ask questions of top leaders, all of whom spent years in the field. AGENDA: 5:00PM - 5:30PM: Networking/Food 5:30PM - 6:00PM: Presentations by Yogesh Dalal & Mike Tan, Quicken Loans 6:00PM - 6:30PM: Discussion Session and Q&A 6:30PM - 7:15PM: Open Networking Yogesh Dalal will describe the architecture of a scoring engine for hosting models & providing large scale automated data-driven decision support. Mr. Dalalis a member of the Big Data Analytics team at Quicken Loans. He focuses on the design and development of a scalable Data-Driven Scoring platform. Yogesh has contributed to many Big Data solutions that address critical business challenges. He is passionate about building innovative solutions that provides timely and optimal business decisions. Mike Tan will talk about the use-case: Loan Phase Transition Analysis, which will introduce the general approach for predicting loan phase movement. He will cover the motivation, the methodology and an application: predicting a loan’s risk of becoming delinquent. Mr. Tan is a member of the Advanced Analytics team at Quicken Loans. Mike received his Ph.D. in Statistics from Colorado State University. His focuses on predictive modeling for Quicken Loans Servicing where he builds models to predict mortgage delinquency. As a Ph.D. student, Mike developed a modulated renewal process approach to model recurrent event data. This has been applied to neural spike train data for understanding how groups of brain neurons process information and interact with each other.