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A light social group intended for ENTJ & INTJ Myers-Briggs personality types, or those who know them and want to learn more.

We are rebooting in fall, 2017 add ENTJ's to our group. We have plenty in common!

Representing only about 2% of the population, in general, or just .8% for women, INTJs are one the rarest Meyers Briggs type personalities.

Likewise, ENTJs represent about 4% overall, and 2.5% of the female population.

If you are an INTJ or ENTJ and you are here, then you already know that there are many topics to discuss to improve personal interactions and our engagement with the world around us. Such topics may be heard at the table, as well as weather, the Lion's, art, fishing, music........ No current plans to set agendas for discussions, so conversations just go wherever they naturally lead to.

INTJs: Bring your non ENTJ /INTJ spouse or friends if they want to join the discussion. We can all benefit from a diverse perspective on our _NTJ-ness!

Let's meet!

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