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About Singles & The City :
Since 2014, Singles & The City has hosted exclusive events for single professionals that focus on becoming the best version of yourself WHILE you're single. Being the right spouse starts with the being your best YOU in this season. Our events facilitate real and intimate conversation, connection and accountability with some of the most influential and incredible people you'll ever meet. Founded in Dallas,Texas - we have expanded to Austin, L.A., Detroit, Chicago and now Grand Rapids!

What we are not:
A group to find dates/hookups/speed dating/ or a place to vent about not finding the right person. We are mature - marriage minded singles focused on getting to the root of our issues, becoming self-aware, healing from the past and moving forward.


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1st of the Year Brunch!



Detroit - come prepared to hear a fresh perspective from our Founder, Stephanie Johnson who will be sharing proven strategies to help you on the road to truly living your best life NOW! Being single isn’t solely about waiting/searching for a spouse BUT developing your character, esteem, and fulfilling your purpose. You will leave this Brunch able to identify your OWN patterns and SUCCESSFULLY BREAK unproductive cycles - once and for all. This event is packed with authentic, inclusive, and interactive table talk with forward thinking professionals, visionaries and change-makers. The location will be disclosed upon paid RSVP via: http://www.singlesandthecity.com/events/jan2020brunch-d98at Brunch/beverages not included with RSVP.

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