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    I don’t know exactly how to explain how things come together, they just do. When you are on that wave-length of achieving a goal, and you are mentally focused on it, somehow you start talking to the right people, finding the right connections and before you know it, every element of the production has come together and you are on set, behind a camera, in front of your cast. I find myself in love with every part of the filmmaking process as I go through it. Ask me on set and I’ll tell you directing my actors and capturing the scenes as they play out is my favourite thing. Then I find myself totally enthralled with the editing process as the puzzle of the film comes together to scoring the film to sitting in the sound mixing sessions – I love it all!
    Of all the possible things to do with our time on this earth, why do we choose to make movies? We must be crazy, sadistic fools, because anyone who is a filmmaker knows that it’s a lot of hard work to create a 2 hour audio/visual spectacle for the masses. And even after it’s done, there’s no guarantee that people will like it. There are times when I felt life would just be simpler sitting behind a desk, playing Farmville, and downing another 5 hour energy shot. Not as interesting, but simpler. That is in no offense to the readers who do work behind a desk; it’s just not for me. To be a filmmaker, you have to lose a certain amount of concern for your own well-being… and self-respect. There are other jobs out there that silently demand the same thing, requiring that you work over 12 hours a day (and let’s admit it, we do work more than 12 hours), being part of a well-oiled machine; having 20 or so people looking at you for the answer. That’s a lot of pressure, even for the PA. If one person drops the ball, everyone else needs to conform to avoid a possible disaster on set. Knowing that is a lot to consider when deciding to become a filmmaker. Of course, we never know this when we first make the decision......

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