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The GeoDev Meetup is a "technical social" where developers can meet and discuss all things geospatial, geolocation, spatial analysis, and GIS. Developers of all levels of expertise are welcome. It's right after work, it's free, we've got food and drinks for you, a bunch of Esri swag, and raffles too.

Here is our developer website (http://developers.arcgis.com/en/) where you can learn more, download and code against our APIs for free, check out apps and code samples, and use cloud-based storage and web services to support all kinds of mapping capabilities.

Also... find us on Github (http://esri.github.com/)!

Whether you build mapping applications for the desktop, for the web, or for mobile devices, stop by and show us what you're doing.

Sign up for a 5-minute Lightning Talk and see what everyone else is up to as well.

See you there!

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Developer Social at UC

San Diego Marriott Marquis & Marina - Grand Ballroom Terrace

The Developer Social is happening at our User Conference (http://www.esri.com/events/user-conference) in San Diego, taking place Tuesday, July 9th. You must be registered for the Esri UC in order to attend! Food and beverages will be provided at the social! This event is a social gathering for developers to discuss the latest in mapping, geo technology, geo services, web and mobile mapping apps, app design, cloud solutions, map data or anything else related to solving real-world "geo" problems. Developers of all levels of expertise are welcome, from seasoned GIS professionals to those new to geospatial development. At these meet ups, you can: • Meet cool people. Hello! We're there. • Make a name for yourself in sharing your concepts or ideas with others. • Impress someone by sharing your experiences. • Make BFFs for life - connect with other developers! Follow us on Twitter: #geodev (https://twitter.com/esrigeodev)

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Esri GeoDev Social at UC

San Diego Marriott Marquis & Marina - Grand Ballroom Terrace

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