Come and learn how data visualization in 3D, VR/AR would work for your business.

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Have you ever wanted to see your company's data in 3D and realtime? Imagine viewing it from an angle where it's right in front of you and having the ability to manipulate any aspect of it with simple hand gestures. With the power of data visualization and VR, now you can!

You are invited to a unique workshop and demo by DatavizVR for their cloud-based VR/AR platform "3Data". Get insider knowledge and unfair advantage in exploring, creating and sharing complex data with Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality. A platform that will give your business a competitive edge and ability to manipulate variables and graphs allowing trends and outliers to be discovered within seconds.

It can be implemented across various industries and some real examples are as mentioned below:

Geospatial Data (Current client: NASA-Space Data)
Enterprises will be able to see data overlayed on to the Real World or a Virtual World and played back over time or connect to real-time data feed (Google Earth with data overlayed)

Biometric Data (Current client: US-Air-Force/Healthcare)
Overlay data on to a human body and visualize biometrics to analyze patients or make a behavioural analysis.

Financial Data (Current client: Goldman Sachs)
See the trends of the stock market in three dimensions and spot outliers and patterns in a matter of seconds.

Complex Network Data (Current client: ExxonMobil & IOT)
Explore complex networks and visualize spatial relationships between connections that aren't visible in two dimensions.

About the speaker:
Nick Walusayi from Austin, Texas is the CEO & President at DatavizVR, Co-founder & COO at GH Media (360 Live streaming solutions) and Co-founder and CEO at Voyage Virtual Media (VR software development)