Unpicking the DevOps Way of Working

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Our presenter is Jim Buchan, - Software engineering researcher at AUT.

E will share with us "Unpicking the DevOps Way of Working":

* How do other companies implement DevOps?
* What do others think DevOps means?
* What are the reasons for spending money and effort on changing to a DevOps way of working?
* What are the benefits of DevOps two years into the journey and is it what was expected?
* What are some of the challenges in changing to the DevOps way of working?
* How does the view of developers, testers, Ops and managers differ about the benefits and challenges of DevOps?
* How do testers and test automation fit into the DevOps way of working?

If you are interested in some answers to these questions, then this presentation is for you! Answers to these questions will be discussed, based on interviews of a number of people at a large local organisation that implemented DevOps and was two years into the journey.

Jim is a software engineering researcher and teacher at AUT with previous experience in industry and academia. He is Co-Director of the Software Engineering Research Lab (SERL) at AUT where he works with staff and PhD students to understand and improve the development of software. He partners with a number of companies to work on cool problems they are curious about. One of Jim’s goals is to develop curious and creative students who are work ready, and works with industry partners to keep the learning useful and up-to-date. Another of Jim’s goals is to help the development of the software industry in NZ Inc by investigating and sharing evidence-based answers to common software development challenges.

** This meetup is on the late schedule **

Doors will open at 17:00, and the presentation will run from 17:30 to 18:30, and we'll leave by 19:00.