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CoreOS Rundown:
CoreOS is a new Linux distribution designed specifically for application containers and running them at scale. This talk will examine all the major components of CoreOS including etcd, fleet, docker, and systemd; and how these components work together to solve the problems of today and tomorrow.

The last decade belonged to virtual machines, the next one belongs to containers. Gone are the days of pinning one service to a specific host and wearing a pager in case that host goes down. Containers enable a service to run on any host at any time. Our current set of tools are starting to show cracks because they were not designed for this level of application portability. It’s time to get ahead of the curve and take a look at new ways to deploy and manage applications at scale.

Rocket Rundown:
Rocket is a simple daemon-free tool that enables users to run containerized apps on their systems free of host dependencies. Containers running under rocket execute like regular processes and can be managed using existing process management tools like upstart, systemd, runit, and etc.
Rocket is also an implementation of the "App Container Spec" which defines how to define and build containerized applications based on tooling like tar and pgp. And then host these files easily using standard protocols like HTTP. The goal of the spec is to enable independent and creative implementations of container runtimes and build tools.

Both of these projects are open source and part of a young growing community. Come learn how they work and how you can get involved.

Brian Harrington, Redbeard, Principal Architect

Brian Harrington, also known as Redbeard, is a principal architect at CoreOS. He is developer, hacker, and technical writer in the areas of open-source development and systems administration. His time spent in both defensive and offensive computing have combined with his readings of classical anarchism to present new ideas in organizational hierarchies for software development. He has been featured on Al Jazeera as an expert in the field of computer security, and has been seen and heard on Bloomberg Television and National Public Radio. He currently resides in Oakland, CA and was grudgingly elected president of the hackerspace HacDC.

Jonathan Boulle is helping to build modern Linux server infrastructure at CoreOS. Previously, he worked at Twitter building out new datacenters and developing their cluster management platform based on Mesos. At CoreOS, Jonathan is one of the lead developers on fleet, a distributed init system for clusters, and has contributed heavily to etcd, a distributed key-value store. Most recently, he's taken a leading role in developing the App Container Specification and Rocket, the first container runtime for the spec. He's passionate about Linux, golang, open source, and scale.