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Using Git Beyond Source Control and More talks that YOU bring

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Aaron B.


5:30 - Food
6:10ish - Announcements - Aaron
6:20ish - What is DevOps? - Scott Howell III
6:30ish - News - Curtis and Aaron
6:40ish - Learning Katas - Dave Swersky
6:50ish - - Kyle Sexton
7:00ish - Using Git Beyond Source Control - James Aaron
8:00ish - Any talks that people have brought

Abstract for James Aaron's Talk:

Git’s application is overwhelmingly for programming, but how does it stand up for other handling other projects? Novels, sheet music, chess games, they can all be tracked with source control. How does git hold up in application with them? Is it useful? How might diffs, logs, and commits change outside git’s intended application? This talk explores my experiences in using git for novel writing, and looks at the hows and whys of what makes git useful for managing any project--including how to customize git to work with files it handles poorly out-of-the-box, like images.

Tentative schedule... we will just roll from one thing to the next but tentatively should lay out like this, this will be a loose meetup so suggest more content and things are subject to change base on f


6050 Sprint Parkway · Overland Park, KS
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