Derby DevOps welcomes Josh Atwell, Senior Technology Advocate at Splunk

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Derby DevOps Welcomes Josh Atwell, Senior Technology Advocate at Splunk


Josh is a Senior Technology Advocate at Splunk, focused on helping IT organizations evolve to support the growing demands on them. He is the co-author of several popular books, a serial podcaster, has led numerous technology user groups, and is an awarded public speaker.

Josh will kick off the evening with this short presentation: Are You Being the Right Person for DevOps?

My spouse has a sign in our home "Marriage is more than finding the right person. It is being the right person" We learned from Erik in The Phoenix Project that the relationship between the business and IT is much like a dysfunctional marriage. In this short talk I'll outline some of the key characteristics we apply through the path of growing and maintaining a healthy relationship, mistakes we can avoid, and behaviors we can nurture. We'll take some time to think a little less about our own needs and get to understand better what we can be doing to be the right person for our counterparts in this crazy world we call DevOps.

Josh will share a full presentation: Adopting a Continual Improvement Mindset

Few organizations feel they are reaching their true potential. Technical debt, antiquated processes, outdated measurements, and a never-ending influx of new requirements leave most feeling incapable of doing much more than keeping the lights on. Overcoming these challenges and achieving meaningful change doesn't happen overnight, but is a necessity in order to create the next generation of IT operations and create the foundation for DevOps success.

This session will explore techniques that modern IT organizations are adopting to become more agile, adopt new technologies like containers, new processes like DevOps, and build a culture of continual improvement. We will touch on how to:

- Improve responsiveness, collaboration, and learning across teams
- Adopting and supporting new technologies like containers, microservices, and automation
- Gain more visibility into your environments and processes to identify constraints
- Grow beyond firefighting and just getting the next feature out