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What we’re about

NOTICE: This group has a CODE OF CONDUCT. Please find it here.

A safe place for engineers of all sorts and backgrounds to come together and talk and share ideas across organisations.

During the last decade we have seen lots of improvement in the software development domain, but very little regarding how to put systems into production and maintain them. The recent DevOps movement is about changing that - making software development and software delivery/production a continuous and cross discipline process.
DevOps is a movement with wide impact in operations and the relationship between operations and software development (improved communication, shared responsibility, applying software development techniques to system administration, automation and monitoring). Join this group of engineers (both dev and ops, of all levels, front to back, top to bottom...) coming together to learn about and share experiences, information, and revelations in a safe space. 
We Are About: Operations and Data Center Management - Infrastructure as Code - Open Source - System Adminstrators - Systems Administration · Puppet - Chef - opscode - DevOps - Linux - Cloud Computing - High Scalability Computing - Unix - SaaS.