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About DevOps Talk Belgrade

DevOps Talk Belgrade meetup is about learning and sharing information on the DevOps movement – culture, practices and tools.

This is a networking event for professionals, managers, and engineers – from development and operations backgrounds – interested in scalability, high availability, continuous integration, automation and other DevOps responsibilities.

What is DevOps?

A big part of DevOps is looking at the whole system of delivering a new application end-to-end but DevOps is not just about the code or the technology implementation. It’s really looking at the bigger picture across business, leadership and technology and making sure you put the right mix together. DevOps is a people issue and how they work with each other and the process is crucial.


In two short presentations we will cover several interesting topics, each one is different topics.

After the conference part and 2 short presentations, You will have a chance to chat with fellow DevOps engineers over drinks and snacks.

Meetup format is 1 hour in lectures and 2 hours networking after that.

It doesn’t matter if you already consider yourself a DevOps professional or if you are just interested in applying DevOps practices in your company. You are welcome to come and learn as we all do day after day.