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ONLINE: Architectural Caching Patterns for Kubernetes

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Derya (Dorian) S. and Olga S.
ONLINE: Architectural Caching Patterns for Kubernetes


Kubernetes brings new ideas on how to organize the caching layer for your applications. You can still use the old-but-good client-server topology, but now there is much more than that. This session will start with the known distributed caching topologies: embedded, client-server, and cloud.

Then, Rafal will present Kubernetes-only caching strategies, including:
- Sidecar Caching
- Reverse Proxy Caching with Nginx
- Reverse Proxy Sidecar Caching with Hazelcast
- Envoy-level caching with Service Mesh

In this session, you'll see:
- A walk-through of all caching topologies you can use in Kubernetes
- Pros and Cons of each solution
- The future of caching in container-based environments

Speaker: Rafał Leszko
Cloud software engineer at Hazelcast, author of the book "Continuous Delivery with Docker and Jenkins", trainer, and conference speaker. He specializes in Java development, Cloud environments, and Continuous Delivery. A former employee in a number of companies and scientific organizations: Google, CERN, AGH University, and more.
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