Serverless System Operations on Google Cloud

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Serverless System Operations on Google Cloud

A primer on architecting and running fully serverless applications and systems using Google Cloud. We will discuss best practices for architecting, deploying, and monitoring fully serverless systems and will cover the pros and cons of using serverless architectures and how to identify the best use cases for serverless.

Serverless on Google Cloud: Google Cloud offers a number of serverless components from compute, to storage and databases, and even machine learning services. Google's focus on "no-ops" solutions offers teams the ability to focus more on building software with direct business value and to spend time optimizing and improving these applications and services without having to worry about "close to the metal" issues of operations and infrastructure.


Jacob Wilson,
Director of Accounts and Strategic Partnerships @ Precocity, LLC

Speaker Bio :
Jacob is an agile Coach and Technology Organization Transformer, Product Development and Management Consultant, Cloud Native and Serverless Development Advocate, Google Cloud Professional Certified Data Engineer, Part-time Entrepreneur and Economist, and Homebrewer.

Jacob has worked with companies ranging from 20-person startups to global firms helping them to modernize and streamline their development organizations, technology products and platforms. After serving as a software and Agile development consultant for a number of years, he is now responsible for Precocity, LLC’s Google Cloud practice and oversees consulting delivery teams for key accounts.