May Meetup at Microsoft

This is a past event

91 people went

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This Meetup will be hosted by Microsoft and will focus on Machine Learning and devops


17:30 - 🚪Doors open
18:00 - 🍽🍷Food is served
19:00 - 🎤Talk #1 ( Gabrielle Davelaar )
19:45 - 🚽Break
20:00 - 🎤Talk #2 ( Fabian Met )
20:45 - 🍻BeerOps

We hope to see all of you there!

🎤 Gabrielle Davelaar - DevOps for AI

Because the AI field is young compared to traditional software development, best practices and solutions around life cycle management for these AI systems have yet to solidify. This talk will discuss how we did this at Microsoft in different department.

Gabrielle Davelaar is a Data Platform Solution Architect specialized in Artificial Intelligence solutions at Microsoft. She was originally trained as a computational neuroscientist. Currently she helps Microsoft’s top 15 Fortune 500 customers build trustworthy and scalable platforms able to create the next generation of A.I. applications. While helping customers with their digital A.I. transformation, she started working with engineering to tackle one key issue: A.I. maturity. The demand for this work is high, and Gabrielle is now working on bringing together the right people to create a full offering. Her aspirations are to be a technical leader in the healthcare digital transformation. Empowering people to find new treatments using A.I. while insuring privacy and taking data governance in consideration.

🎤Fabian Met - How to win friends and influence businesses

Ever have the feeling you know how to help a business move forward but it just seems not to take off?
Your best intentions are met with push back from people who aren't even understanding what it is exactly you are proposing?

Getting businesses to look at scary new awesome technologies is hard. While it takes a lot of work and effort, it can definitely pay off!
In this talk I'll go over the problem we ran in to, and how we were able to help the company move to a better way of working.

As it turns out, after the business pivots and gets going with new awesome things, that is when the fun really begins.

Fabian is a turbonerd, co-founder of Fullstaq and father of two, does things with cloud native and devops culture changes at big corps.
At his current customer he has been on a one and a half year long track to improve a horrible situation into something better and cleaner.