[ONLINE] Intro to CI/CD in GitLab and Anatomy of a Pipeline

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GitLab began as just another Git repository system, but CI pipelines were introduced after about a year and in the 6 years since GitLab CI has continuously improved to include CD and Security and is now the highest-rated CI/CD tool by Forrester.

Steve will be describing the architecture of the GitLab CI/CD system and the basic parts of a pipeline definition including a sample pipeline. The majority of the functionality discussed is available to everyone in the open source self-hosted GitLab product or the free tier of gitlab.com.

Steve Grossman is a Solutions Architect with GitLab. He has a long history of helping organizations of all sizes evaluate, select, plan and implement tooling for DevOps including version control and branching solutions, software build tools and agile planning and formal requirements solutions. He lives in the Dallas area with his wife and daughter and his hobbies include cars, kayaking and fishing.

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