On-call Fundamentals and Best Practices


Presentation Description:
Paging people just creates series of problems unless you embrace some best (good) practices of on-call. Serhat will start talking about the reasoning behind putting engineers on-call, and some of the fundamentals like schedules, escalations, and incident types. Then, he will continue with listing must-haves of on-call for a healthy on-call culture. At the end, he will also make a short hands on demo to show OpsGenie can help you build a better on-call experience.

Serhat is the Technical Evangelist for OpsGenie. He contributed to different parts of OpsGenie as a software engineer and now spreads the word by coding, writing and talking about DevOps. He is still a proud member of the on-call schedules.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/srhtcn
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/serhatcan

There will be two 40 minutes sessions.

19:10-19:50 - First part
19:50-20:10 - Break
20:10-20:50 - Second part

Presentation will be in Turkish.
Sunum Türkçe olacaktır.