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#DevTO 18 - Take it to the Edge & Email for Pirates

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We've got 2 Toms coming out in October to present to you guys about 2 very exciting topics.

Tom Green - Let's take it to the Edge

In August of 2011, Adobe ( Edge was quietly offered on Labs and within a few days Adobe received a rather pleasant shock: Over 200,000 copies of the app had been downloaded and designers and developers were doing things with the app that Adobe had not even envisioned. Since then the application has undergone 7 revisions from an app that simply shoved pixels from here to there to one with a full compliment of pro grade tools that will appeal to everyone from hard core JavaScript programmers to designers looking for a visual motion graphics and interactivity application that get’s them into the HTML 5, CSS3 and JavaScript game.

Tom Green is also an Adobe Community Professional, a member of Adobe’s Higher Education Leader Program in the Post Secondary area and is a member of the Customer Advisory Boards for Flash Media Server, Fireworks and Edge at the Adobe Corporation.

Tom Walsham - Email for Pirates. Plunder your customers with lifecycle marketing

Dave McClure's seminal talk 'Pirate Metrics for Startups' highlighted the key metrics by which startups live and die. By applying an understanding of your customer lifecycle, setting event-based triggers in your application and engaging with your customers via email, you can drive growth, retention and revenues across the lifecycle of your product.

Tom Walsham is the Product Manager and Chief Email Herder at PostageApp (, as well as Director of Product Development at The Working Group ( Over the past decade working in tech, his career has led from the blinkenlights of systems administration through a winding path working at and with startups on product development, metrics and marketing.