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Equinox Breathwork Journey: (Early Rate Ends 9/20)
Align with the Equinox, a sacred point of Balance of light/dark on the cusp of Fall. CLARIFY, EMBODY, EMPOWER your intentions. Cultivate more Peace, Connection and Inspiration while pain and tension melt away with a group Breathwork Journey, Energy Healing, Movement and Ceremony. “Katherine Glasa’s events are deeply transformational. I feel like I am breathing in life, joy and relaxation and breathing out pain, sorrow and tension.”- Dave, Engineer RESERVE NOW: Space is Limited. Prepay $40 UNTIL 9/20/18 (SAVE $15). Pay $55 AFTER 9/20/18. MUST PRE-REGISTER TO ATTEND. TICKETS: For those with limited resources, some donation-based spots may still be available, email glasak(at)yahoo[dot]com to inquire. "This workshop was like having a peaceful, rejuvenating massage from the inside out. With Katherine's free dance and breathwork, I felt a true release. This class should not be missed by anyone who wants to dissipate stress in their lives. It will give you tools to use whenever the going gets tough."-Terri Tarnoff Snyder, Speech-Language Pathologist WHAT HAPPENS: - ENJOY an Equinox meditation ceremony, followed by inspiring movement practices, then up to 90-min of deeply connected breathing at your own pace, laying down comfortably while receiving healing support and guidance. - EMBODY more Breath, Aliveness, Inspiration, Peace, Love and Connection while old pain, tension, toxins, thoughts, emotions and energies gently fall away. - EXPERIENCE a different state of BEING, in which Clear Seeing, Sensing, Feeling, Hearing, Knowing—can flow more freely. - Circular breathing through the mouth is an ancient tool for cleansing, rejuvenating, harmonizing Body - Mind - Heart - Spirit. "Thank you for your Magical guidance. It was a joy! The movement and breathing were all wonderful, very helpful, and beautiful! The whole event was special." - Nancy, Administrative Consultant ABOUT KATHERINE'S BREATHWORK: This unique blend of Somatic Experiencing, Clarity Breathwork, Reiki, Shamanic Healing, Mindfulness Meditation and Non-Dual Wisdom engages your body’s deepest wisdom to sustainably grow capacity for more Safety, Ease, Presence, Compassion, Breath, Aliveness and Wellness. Learn to slow down, relax, feel more grounded and spacious, while being present for whatever may be arising: emotions, sensations, feelings, thoughts, imagery, intuition, inspiration, different dimensions. Invite your body's deepest wisdom to find healthy pathways for these energies to flow through to resolution, integration and insight. Some sounds, movements, tears, crying, laughter, group toning, may occur. This somatic mindfulness-based process DOES NOT ENCOURAGE hyperventilation nor loud explosive sounds. SCENT-FREE EVENT: Please refrain from the following before or during the event: Smoking; Scented products including colognes, perfumes, scented oils, essential oils; clothing scented with chemical based laundry detergents or fabric softeners. BRING: - LAYERS to wear: you may feel warm and/or cool at various times. - MATS, PADS, BLANKETS, PILLOWS, BOLSTER, whatever you need to feel comfortable laying on the floor for up to 90 min. - BOTTLE WITH WATER to stay hydrated. - JOURNAL/PEN, or sketchpad, if you wish to capture something about your journey. - ARRIVE with a light belly (easier to breathe if you eat your biggest meal a few hours before or only eat lightly/snack up until an hour before) RESERVE NOW: Space is Limited. Prepay $40 UNTIL 9/20/18 (SAVE $15). Pay $55 AFTER 9/20/18. MUST PRE-REGISTER TO ATTEND. TICKETS: For those with limited resources, some donation-based spots may still be available, email glasak(at)yahoo[dot]com to inquire. QUESTIONS? Contact Katherine glasak(at)yahoo[dot]com INFO: PHOTO CREDIT: (c) 2018 Baylands Pelican Sunset by Katherine Glasa

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We are so glad that your path has lead you here to evolve with us.

We consider ours to be a holistic ministry - that is, a multi-traditional, spiritually centered community which sees all of nature and creation as divine. We strive to empower tribe and community through deep play and the sacred work of discovering who we are so that we may share our gifts and shine our light to ease the suffering of all sentient beings and raise the vibration on this planet to a higher level of consciousness.

We facilitate and promote community events and classes that inspire personal growth, inner healing, physical well-being, prosperity, conscious exploration and epiphany. We offer our open hands, hearts and minds for the highest good of all. In this service, we too are served. In this healing we too are healed.

DevaGnosis is a central fire for the tribe and community. We invite you to gather around that we might see each other's loving faces. We are a rich and diverse spiritual culture. Let us celebrate together our many paths made one in the same Light.

Our list of current and upcoming events includes:
Dance Elemental, Sacred Voices song & chant circles, Energy Walks, Sacred Dance classes, Pagan Way courses, and Seasonal "Wheel of the Year" Celebrations. All events are hosted locally in the South Bay Area. See our calendar for details as well as additional descriptions in the "Pages" section of this Meetup group.
Also, if you have a spirit-centered event you'd like help promoting or getting started, let us know how we can be of service.

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