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We welcome you to our open sangha here on the Monterey Peninsula. Devaji guides participants on a heart-opening journey of transformation and liberation deeply rooted in the non-dual teachings of Ramana Maharshi and the devotional path of Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa. For over fifteen years Devaji has selflessly served those who are wholly committed to freedom, with wisdom and guidance tailored specifically to each person. He lives in Mt Shasta, CA and travels down to Pacific Grove on the Monterey Peninsula every other month to offer retreats. For more information please visit www.devaji.org or send an email to info@devaji.org. Welcome!

"Everyone is welcome. There are no exceptions, everyone is welcome back home. Let us sit in the knowingness of assured reunion with the Beloved. When the mind starts to speak, know it for what it is, just the mind doing its thing. You cannot force the heart open any more than you can force a flower to open. It’s all being orchestrated. Your heart is opening in its own perfect time and you are free to stop micromanaging God’s unfolding of Its own heart. Let everything come back to perfect peace in honoring the one Heart that patiently waits within."

~ Devaji

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Satsang with Devaji in Pacific Grove, California

The Center For Spiritual Awakening

Satsang with Devaji

Carl Cherry Center for the Arts

Retreat with Devaji in Pacific Grove, CA

The Center For Spiritual Awakening

Public Satsang with Devaji at CSA

The Center For Spiritual Awakening

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