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This group is for anyone that has big dreams and a desire to make them a reality!

I joined this group while it was under Agnieszka and I really enjoyed the workshops that she put together, so a big thanks to her for helping so many people in this group. I have been working as a career coach for interpreters and translators and thought, why not keep the group, since I see all of us here share the same goal of wanting to better ourselves and have a mindset that enables us to realize our dreams.

As Agnieszka said, "realizing our dreams is possible and all we need is to develop a set of attitudes, a Prosperity Mindset, that will enable you to take control over your life and design it the way you want it.

Here is my idea. Perhaps we can all contribute to this group by doing open sharing, or having themes that we can discuss through Zoom calls. These themes can be about mindsets and attitudes that help us get through difficulties, or that have helped catapult our careers, lives, or relationships. The idea is to practice peer learning and to have this group be a sounding board for us to figure out how to go about achieving our dreams. Another idea is for this group to have the ability to do peer coaching, so that if one of us has a dream, a vision, but do not know how to go about it, or realize it, we can use this platform to have a Zoom call where we can help each other. It can't be about just getting information or knowledge, it has to also be about creating a supportive community that is prosperity mindset-driven.

I hope you like this idea. Please comment, and give me your honest opinions. In the next six months we will see if there are enough active participants to keep this going. This will go in the direction the group wants it to go...

Thanks again for Agnieszka who remains the founder of this group.

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