What we're about

What makes this intuition group different? We are talking about actively developing and engaging this superpower to get into alignment and create the life we want!

Are you curious about the power of intuition - well, really the power of alignment with our purpose - to bring love, success, fulfillment into your life, your relationships and your work or business?

Or are you wanting to deepen your commitment to listening to your inner guidance and trusting and following that?

Something magical DOES happen when we are willing to listen and to go where we are called. On very practical levels, when we aren’t fighting life, our energy and attention are massively freed up.

On a physical level, it FEELS good to choose to listen. Stress levels go down!

And when we aren’t fighting life, what we need to support our life, our relationships and work in the world are drawn TO us.

When we are, instead, flowing WITH life and our calling, there is ease, cooperation, collaboration, unfolding. Things happen for us!

Creating and subsisting the practice of deep listening and trusting what we hear is simply easier in community.

Let’s get together and practice listening, trusting and taking action, and seeing how every aspect of our life starts to transform.

Meetups will be held in Long Beach.

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