Nailing down distributed workflows with microservices: Ben Arroyo


Workflows are present in every business. These bring up different challenges such as integration with different systems, long-lived transactions, failure recovery and more.
In this session we’ll learn how to address these issues with a distributed, event-driven architecture based on microservices that I’ve been using successfully in the last three years across different projects. We also learn how to implement this architecture with MassTransit and Automatonymous and run it on containers with Kubernetes.

The session broken down into three parts. In the first part of the session we’ll brush up some DDD patterns and microservices patterns such as sagas, orchestration and different communication patterns.
On the second part we’ll put those patterns in practice by building up the sample architecture for an imaginary business, which requires integration with external systems with different communication protocols and built with different technologies (Python, Node, …).
On the final part we’ll see how to implement the architecture.

Ben Arroyo is a .NET developer and chicken keeper. Has been playing with Microsoft technologies for over 20 years.
Full stack developer, although a bit lopsided onto the frontend.
Worked as independent contractor for the last 9 years.
Currently working as team leader at Supplier Assessment Services.