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[JHB] Certifications, AI Algorithms , Space Invaders & Event Sourcing

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· Welcome (start 16h30)

· Lightning talk (start 16h35) - 10min - The 2 minute rule – sharpening your mind with certifications

· Session 1 (start 16h50) - 20 min - AI Algorithms and Space Invaders

· Session 2 (start 17h15) - 40min - Event Sourcing, a practical example

Title: The 2 minute rule – sharpening your mind with certifications

Facilitator: Rory Preddy

The 2 minute rule is a rule meant to help people learn how to timely answer a certification question

Rory will be speaking on what he learnt while teaching java certifications to 150 developers

In essence he would like to give feedback on his experience on trying to teach them and what skill sets he found to be imperative to their success.

Rory managed to get his company to become the only south African based privately owned java standard and enterprise edition oracle partner by this process.

During Rory’s 16 years in IT, one thing has stuck out. Java developers who are certified are certified for life. He has worked in many of the blue chip companies in Johannesburg and has his Honors BSc. He is a Sun Certified Java Programmer & java developer since 2001

Rory works in the R&D department at BBD and is part of its in-house training and consulting.

Title: AI Algorithms and Space Invaders

Facilitator: Rishal Hurbans & Matt Van Der Westhuizen

This talks is all about Artificial Intelligence and the Space Invaders AI Challenge. It includes details around the dynamics of the game, and an introduction to artificial intelligence algorithms. The talk explains what artificial intelligence is, how we can build programs that learn, and where the specific algorithms are useful.

Rishal Hurbans ( )

Rishal is currently fulfilling the role of a Team Lead at Entelect. He is a software engineer designing and building next generation solutions for various blue chip clients around the country and the world. He has a passion for web architecture, mobile development, and user experience design. MSc research in artificial life. He also enjoys developing games and producing (

Matt Van Der Westhuizen ( )

Officially I'm a Senior Java developer @Entelect, unofficially I think I've written more C# and JavaScript than Java in the last 6 months! When I'm not too busy playing boardgames or PC games I like to try to make games in my free time.

Title: Event Sourcing, a practical example

Facilitator: Pieter Germishuys

You’ve heard some talks, you’ve seen some videos, but what does an actual application look like. In this talk we will cover the basics of Event Sourcing and CQRS and then delve into some code (that’s what you want to see anyway, isn’t it?).

Pieter Germishuys is a developer that is currently working on an open source, functional database with complex event processing in javascript. Better known as Event Store.

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