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Co-Founder Speed Dating & Pitching #5 "XMAS SPECIAL"!! ;)

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Sadly, this will be our last "Speed Pitching" event for this year. (Boo!)
So we decided to go out with a bit of a bang by getting in festive spirit and making this one a bit of a party. (Yay!)

So in a slight departure from the usual format (as I get all soft and gooey and REALLY generous at Xmas time) we've had to make one or two minor changes to the format....

• Instead of the miserly, meagre, Scrooge-like 30 seconds you normally get; we are giving you an exceptionally generous and party-time 60 seconds, that's a WHOLE MINUTE, to pitch! Hip, Hip, Hooray for Xmas!! ;)

• You will be allowed to use ANY props you like to make your pitches memorable (they will be filmed and you will get copies of the clips, so make them good). And when we say any, we mean ANY! Go nuts! Costumes, performers, models, music, robots, magic, pets, comedy, Xmas themes, fans, cheerleaders, etc. are not only permissible but actually welcomed and encouraged. (If you're stuck for ideas, then let us know and we will help you out. We've got tons of real zingers lying around not being used in our magic idea box!)

• We will be giving out loads of prizes for the best pitches and also for effort and getting in the spirit of things. We'll try to make sure no one goes home empty handed.

Now, for this to work well and efficiently, we need a tiny bit of co-operation from you. Don't worry, this is nothing too strenuous or taxing, just a couple of simple procedures we'd like you to follow. (Besides, these will also help us to help you get more exposure, so worth doing.)

Pitchers (aka the Santas delivering beautifully gift-wrapped pitches):
Please email your name, company name and pitch title/summary to: .
We will use this to prepare a voting sheet which all attendees can also use to help them remember who they want to chat to during and after the networking/socialising session.

Non-Pitchers (aka the kids who'll look up with awe and wonder at the Santas and their gifts):
Please come ready to cheer on all the pitchers as well vote for your favourite. We would also like you all to come with cameras to hand and ready to Tweet, Instagram, SnapChat and social media the heck out of this event. And while your at it, feel free to wear your best Xmas jumpers. Oh go on then, we'll give a prize for the best one of these too! ;)

And of course, we will have plenty of Xmas cheer to go around on the form of mince pies, wine, beer and the ubiquitous networking energy giver - 'XMAS' PIZZAS!

Can't wait to see you all there. It's going to be SPECTACULAR! ;)

So, if you are looking for co-founders, connections in general, if you want to pitch your product/service/skills/etc. or if you just want some free food, drink and an entertaining, rapid fire Xmassy event, then this is THE one to attend.

PS - If you would like to be one of the Key Note speakers, please email for more details and/or to apply.

PPS - If you would like to become one of our sponsors, please email for more details and/or a sponsorship pack.

NB - On the off chance that you might be confused by the title of the event, this is NOT a romantic event, it is purely for BUSINESS!! ....... although what happens afterwards, well, that's up to you! :)


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