• Clash of the clouds!

    Samsung Next HQ

    Registration is here - https://www.eventbrite.com/e/clash-of-the-clouds-tickets-27043330329 Have you ever asked yourself or your dev-ops why you preferred cloud platform X over Y? Try it now and prepare to be amazed at how superficial the answers will be, replies such as: "It's what I know best""That's what everybody else does""I never tried anything else""Y sucks!" (without ever trying it firsthand) Cloud is one of the most essential components of your product and everything suggests that it will grow to be even more prominent in years to come, it's also one of the most costly expenses that you're company makes so why are you condoning with juvenile reasons for picking your vendor? It's time for some research! right? Well the problem is that the offerings that exist are complicated to understand, and are not standardly documented which makes it hard to perform an "oranges to oranges" comparison and when you see representatives on stage or in person they're rarely together but prefer to showcase their goods on their own turf in heavily marketed events. This event is different, we're here for you!!! We managed to gather representatives for all four major offerings; Amazon, Microsoft, IBM and Google, we're going to put them on one stage for you to ask them the tough questions and they are: Avi Shitrit, Solutions Engineer, Google Cloud Platform Yaron Schneider, Cloud Solution Architect, Microsoft Vadim Solovey, AWS Certified Architect & CTO, DoiT International Avi Vizel, IBM Cloud Evangelist Crafted in an AMA style format we ask you to submit your questions here (https://goo.gl/forms/WGrmL5K4GrZH8GkI3). About the speakers Vadim Solovey As a CTO of DoiT International over the last decade, I was working with countless startups helping them to architect, design and build massively scalable applications. Using Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services, I love to make the hard stuff simple. DoiT International was founded by developers, our team of Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform experts provides professional services and software for startups. We help startups with architecting and developing cloud-native applications smartly built for scale Yaron Schneider A Cloud Solution Architect at Microsoft, working with Startups and Enterprises on embracing the cloud and bleeding edge technologies. Yaron has an extensive knowledge of modern web application workloads, Open Source technologies, Big Data and Analytics as well as networking and infrastructure. Avi Vizel An IBM Cloud Evangelist. Avi started his journey at IBM in 1994 and served in various positions such as Project Manager, and Development Team Leader. As IBM Cloud Evangelist Avi is closely involved with the global developer ecosystem, helps develop technical sessions for the IBM Alpha Zone accelerator program and works closely with the startups ecosystem. Over the years Avi is also acting as a technology advisor and mentor for startups and developers at hackathons, startups’ competitions and several academic programs. Avi is passionate about software development and has a wide breadth of experiences in application development across multiple languages and environments. Avi has Computer Science degree from the Open University in Israel. About the partners GDG Cloud Tel-Aviv - https://www.meetup.com/GDG-Cloud-Tel-Aviv/ Big Things - https://www.meetup.com/Big-things-are-happening-here/ Angular UP - angular-up.com (http://angular-up.com/) FREE Ticket Raffle Attend this meetup for an exclusive opportunity to win a FREE ticket to the amazing Angular UP international conference! Coming[masked] to the Dan Panorama Tel Aviv hotel. Angular UP is bringing spectacular international and local speakers, a high quality lunch, and the most interesting topics, including: Angular 2.0, Angular Material, Animations, TypeScript, NativeScript, tooling, Redux, RxJS and much, much more. If you do Angular, you've gotta be there! angular-up.com (http://angular-up.com/) Registration is here - https://www.eventbrite.com/e/clash-of-the-clouds-tickets-27043330329

  • Beyond the Code

    Campus TLV

    This time around we'll be taking a hands-on approach to some of the developer skills that add on top of writing code. Hope to see you there! Check it out: Agenda 19:00 - 19:30 - Gathering, snacks and surprises ^_^ 19:30 - 20:00 - Blogging for Developers 20:30 - 21:00 - Product & UX Design in Developer Tools 21:00 - 21:30 - Lockpicking for Hackers (Yes, real life locks!) Speakers Alex Zhitnitsky - Director of content at Takipi, blogging developer content and news for over 185,000 monthly readers. GDG Haifa organizer. Guy Isacar - Awesome UX/UI designer freelancer. Previously, he was Lead UX at Takipi and an art director at an advertising agency. Lives by the Jedi code. Michael Sverdlin AKA Sveder - Leads the Backend team at Lightricks.com, GDG Tel Aviv lead, startup mentor and lecturer.

  • Who is it?! - cyber security for frontend devs #2

    Register here - https://www.eventbrite.com/e/who-is-it-tickets-26681941405 Web is no longer confined to your PC or even mobile and login is by no means username password or even social. The new frontiers of B2C cyber security in passwordless behavioral authentication and physically web are far more interesting, immersive and exciting than what came before it which also makes them far more susceptible to hackers but don't you worry - cyber security is progressing as well and you owe it to yourself to stay informed.Agenda 18:00 - Gathering and food 18:30 - To know you is to love you by Yair Finzi, CEO at SecuredTouch 19:00 - Mingeling and more food 19:15 - Ephemeral Identifiers by Avinatan Hassidim, Google Looking forward to seeing you all there! About the sessions To know you is to love you by Yair Finzi, SecuredTouch Passwords are dead! long live iimplicit authentication!!! The old paradigm of what you have and what you know is almost obseolete, replaced by the question; who you are? By using sensor fusion new forms of authntication are being offered to users and developers that do not need or use passwords and are as safe or even more so. In this session we'll review a few examples of the new methods and iterate over a few SDKs and tools that will allow you to start using some of these new mathods today! Ephemeral Identifiers by Avinatan Hassidim, Google Beacons are small, cheap devices which can be attached to everyday objects, to connect them to the Internet of Things. From Fitbtis to suitcases, this technology ("Bluetooth Smart") is becoming a part of our everyday life. However, these beacons are broadcasting their identity, and can be used to follow people around. To mitigate the tracking threat (and also fight forgery and spam in the IoT world), Google announced Eddystone Ephemeral IDentifiers, which is a security layer that hides the identity of the beacon from malicious users, while enabling legitimate users to see it all the time. A lot of the cryptographic work was done at Google-IL About the speakers Yair Finzi For the past 10 years Yair has been leading hardware and software engineering groups with a strong focus on cyber security & fraud prevention products. Yair formerly served as head of cyber security department at the Israeli ministry of defense, he holds B.Sc. in Electronics Engineering and MBA (cum laude) from Tel-Aviv university and is currently the co-founder and CEO for SecuredTouch, a startup that connects cyber security, FinTech and data science in order to research and analyze how people interact with mobile. Avinatan Hassidim Former section Leader at the IDF in charge of cyber security and cyber researcher at the Hebrew Uni. Avinatan currently is involved in cyber security related development at Google-IL and headed the development of ephemeral identifiers for Beacons. Register here - https://www.eventbrite.com/e/who-is-it-tickets-26681941405

  • AR, VR and the human condition

    Campus TLV

    Registration is in eventbrite only!!! - https://www.eventbrite.com/e/ar-vr-and-the-human-condition-tickets-25951475562 AR and VR are some of the trendiest buzzwords currently circling the international technology ecosystem, words that have launched a thousand startups and millions of blog posts but unfortunately the bulk of the products in this space tend to stay in the realms of geek-toys for early adopters. To change that, startups must focus on UX and controllers so that adoption burden will be far lower.If you're interested; this event is for you. Agenda: 18:00 - Gathering and food 18:30 - Look ma, hands by Eli Elhaded, head of Intel's Israeli game studio 19:00 - Presto.watch demo by Royi Benyossef, developer relations manager at Samsung Next and a GDE 19:15 - Building natural interfaces with mobile VR by Jonathan Schipper, founder of Gemsense 19:50 - AR, VR and the human condition - the panel! Panelists: • Amit Svarzenberg, products architecture manger at compedia and a GameIS board member • Niv Calderon, founder of WearableValley • Osnat Goren-Peyser, formerly Director of System Engineering and Program Management at Pebbles Interfaces • Eli Elhaded, head of Intel's Israeli game studio • Jonathan Schipper, founder of Gemsense Registration is in eventbrite only!!! - https://www.eventbrite.com/e/ar-vr-and-the-human-condition-tickets-25951475562 Looking forward to seeing you all there!

  • Cyber security for mobile developers

    Campus TLV

    Cyber security is a buzzword and as such it refers to a very important and large subject that is being left vague by a lot of people who have no real idea what it means and are misusing it. This is what we aim to change. In this event we'll be hearing from the best and brightest that the cybersecurity field has to offer BUT they'll be teaching us simple and useful terms, skills and patterns so that we, as mobile and frontend developers who are not cyber security professionals will be able to do 3 productive things: 1. Understand what cyber security professionals are saying when we talk to them and understand who is a real professional and who is just a poser 2. Design our products to be reasonably secure rather than embarrassingly so by teaching us to avoid common cyber security pitfalls which will be hard to patch up later on 3. Alter our analytics and QA cycles to detect and intercept possible pitfalls we already created in our products and suggest the pattern to try and resolve them Agenda: 18:00 - gathering, mingling and food 18:30 - Dynamic Analysis of Android Apps by Erez Metula 19:15 - More mingling and food 19:30 - Transcending from Digital to Physical by Yaniv Simsolo About the sessions Dynamic Analysis of Android Apps - Attacking Android apps from the inside Dynamic analysis of android apps is all about analyzing apps in real time, for the purpose of detecting application level vulnerabilities and for the sake of manipulating applications while they execute. It is often used as a last resort due to its complexity, when other pentesting techniques mainly focused on static analysis are not enough. Common usages of dynamic analysis are extraction of sensitive data from application memory variables, stealing encryption keys, manipulating signature mechanisms and so on. During this talk we will focus on memory dumps, remote debugging, smali debugging, native debugging, usage of ReFrameworker platform and other interesting things. This talk is based on a similar chapter as part of the Android application hacking course given by the speaker at recent BlackHat USA 2015 ( https://www.blackhat.com/us-15/training/android-application-hacking-pentesting-and-reversing-mobile-apps.html ) Transcending from Digital to Physical The next generation of attacks aimed at the physical realm, can be attained using the digital realm. The origins of hacking were aimed at the physical, long since have been replaced with money gaining hacks, are back with us. Since the Moore’s Law is becoming outdated, hackers possess greater abilities than ever. Re-aiming the guns towards the physical realm is highly lucrative. We will discuss and demonstrate attack vectors on the digital realm aimed at the physical realm. About our speakers Erez Metula, CISSP is the author of the book "Managed Code Rootkits", and is a world renowned application security expert, with an impressive international speaking track record in cyber security conferences such as BlackHat, Defcon, OWASP, RSA, SOURCE, CanSecWest and more about advanced application security and the founder and chairman of AppSec Labs, a leading company in the field of application security. Yaniv Simsolo, CISSP is an Information Security Expert with over a decade of experience as a Security Consultant for various industries. His primary field is application level security and back-end systems security as well as the is the CTO of Palantir Security.

  • Biz-Dev Event

    Rabin center for peace

    Please register here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/samsung-tlv-is-proud-to-present-biz-dev-tickets-19930889828?aff=ehomesaved Most of us dream of creating our own startup one day. Most of us know deep in our hearts that while we have the tools to create the product of our dreams we have no idea how to reach the part where it is more than an after-hours project. A company. A startup. In this event we'll focus on the steps needed in order to go from idea to formation as successfully as possible and with the least amount of pain by answering the same questions that potential investors and co-founders will most likely ask (either you or himself): Why now? Why you? what expertise or experience do you have in the proposed field? What is your target audience and what value are you proposing for it? How would your potential users know about you and will you acquire them? What’s your execution plan? why? To help you draft the answers to these questions and more we’ve assembled experts in product strategy, branding, marketing, growth, user acquisition and user research who will provide you with tools, built on years of experience and research and countless case-studies so that you’ll know and understand what an entrepreneur is expected to know and plan for. These are critical and essentials to would-be entrepreneurs yet these tools are outside the scope of 99% of people who work at high-tech and that's what we’re trying to change in order to get more people to go out and pursue their dreams and to do so it in an easier and better way. Agenda: (18:00 - 18:25) Gathering, networking (18:25 - 19:00) Hillel Fuld - From Inception to Funded: The Necessary Steps in 2015 (19:00 - 19:45) Hanoch Rabinovitz - Become Valuable (19:45 - 21:00) Yonatan Kagansky - Rationality in an Irrational World: Embracing Irrationality in New Tech Marketing (21:00 - 21:45) Daniel Gwerzman - Forget about a start-up, let's open a pizza place Session summaryFrom Inception to Funded: The Necessary Steps in 2015 Self explanatory :) Become valuable User experience, product management and marketing are all tools for the single one thing that will put you on the road for success, and growth - the value you deliver, maintain and re-invent for your users. This tricky term - Value - is a promise you set forth when you initiate your venture, and has to deliver upon every second hereafter. It is based on your assumption that someone really need what you're working on, and it will be relevant to him when you're out. It captures your dreams and put it to test in front of the market. It is the most essential success factor you will not hear about in your MBA studies. How could you leave your innovative life overlooking it? In this session we will define, explore and track the various ways to develop and deliver value to our users, while going through a method of checkpoints, validating we are on the right track. A brief keynote, Q&A session and free discussion will be served. Rationality in an Irrational World: Embracing Irrationality in New Tech Marketing Walking around with a notion that people you target make rational decisions is like living with vision distorting glasses – it is not only confusing, but also extremely dangerous for any company. Forget about a start-up, let's open a pizza place Wait and see. About the speakersHillel Fuld Hillel is Chief Marketing Officer at Zula, a company taking on the pain of modern communication. Hillel also blogs for many influential sites including Mashable, The Next Web, Business Insider, The Huffington Post, Venturebeat, and others. Additionally, Hillel mentors startups across Israel in different accelerators including The Google Launchpad, the Microsoft Ventures accelerator, The Junction, and more. Hillel has been named Israel's top marketer, has been featured on CNBC, Forbes, and many others and was recently added by Google to its marketing experts program. You can find and talk to Hillel on Twitter. He is @Hilzfuld Hanoch (Han) Rabinovitz Han is a creative thinker and problem-solver with extensive experience in helping and mentoring tech companies on their way up. He have repeatedly been involved in building strategies, creative processes and brands, with NASDAQ giants as well as micro-startups, towards growth. Founder of nobi, a strategy and creative growth agency, he develops new ways to deliver relevant value, beat competition and win. Han is also the global head of marketing mentorship at the Google Launchpad Program, head of the UseIT_Accelerator lab at COLMAN (College Of Management in Israel) and a seasoned lecturer at IDC Herzliya, Tel Aviv University and other academic and commercial institutes. Yonatan Kagansky Yonatan Kagansky is a marketing communication strategist and consumer psychology expert, specializing in Story-Centered Marketing; highly experienced in all major aspects of marketing, from product development and branding to UX and advertising; lecturer and listener. Yonatan is also the founder of NewSpark — a team of freelance professionals, from various marketing disciplines, that specializes in tech companies and helps them to be effective when reaching out to clients, business partners or investors. Daniel Gwerzman I am a New Media and Internet strategy consultant and an entrepreneur at heart. I strongly believe that projects should be built using the “right technology” instead of technology “driven by skill”. I spend my days learning and coding new web technologies - looking for exciting ways to bridge the gap between business and technology. I specialize in bootstrapping projects, taking them from inception to successful customer deployments. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/samsung-tlv-is-proud-to-present-biz-dev-tickets-19930889828?aff=ehomesaved

  • ng-conf Israel 2015

    Israel Yafa Bapark Conference Center

    Registration through eventbrite: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/ng-conf-israel-2015-tickets-16927174635 ng-conf Israel is back - bigger, better and stronger! Learn about the latest topics in AngularJS development, including: • Angular 2, ECMAScript 6, Observables and the new router • Data flows and integrations with Meteor, ReactJS • Creating hybrid mobile apps Large-scale app development, architecture and testing The talks will be in Hebrew, except for one talk by Nikas Praninskas. The event is sponsored by Wix Engineering and Google Developers, and is brought to you by a broad team from 500Tech, GDG Rishon Lezyon, GDG Tel-Aviv and Wix Engineering. Visit the event website to find out about the agenda and discover more: http://ng-conf.co.il (http://ng-conf.co.il/)

  • ng-conf Extended

    Shablul Jazz Club

    Registration ONLY through eventbrite - use this link to register: http://www.eventbrite.com/e/ng-conf-extended-tel-aviv-tickets-15868082863 Watch ng-conf 2015 keynote together with us, and get answers to your questions in our Expert Panel. Agenda: 17:30 - Gathering 18:00 - ng-conf Keynote (live streaming) 19:00 - Expert Panel Q&A (Yoav Avrahami, Asaf David, Nir Kaufman, Gil Fink, Uri Shaked) Venue: Shablul Jazz Club, Hangar 13, Tel Aviv Port. Organized by GDG Tel Aviv, GDG Rashlatz & 500Tech Special thanks goes to Wix for sponsoring the venue & beers and helping with the organization of the event. Register here: http://www.eventbrite.com/e/ng-conf-extended-tel-aviv-tickets-15868082863

  • Google Cloud Platform @DLD

    Building 14

    Registration is required, Register Here (http://lp.google-mkto.com/Cloud-Platform-DLD.html#registration): http://lp.google-mkto.com/Cloud-Platform-DLD.html --- GDG Tel Aviv invites you to the annual Cloud Platform event, happening this year as part of the DLD festival. Come and spend some quality time with us and the cloud Platform team. * Tales From the Trenches: Register for this morning session to learn from the triumphs and mistakes of your colleagues, when they tell technology and architecture tales from the trenches. * "I just a question": Book a 1:1 meeting with experts on a variety of Google and non-Google technologies and solutions. Both Googlers and community experts are contributing their valuable time. * Google Community Lounge: Drop by our open community lounge where you can play with our experiential Cloud Platform exhibits, hold a meeting, relax and catch up on email, and enjoy some goodies. Agenda: 09:00 Breakfast 10:00 10 mistakes to make when presenting architecture to your board - Ronen Nir, General Partner, Carmel Ventures 10:30 Tales from the Trenches 12:30 Lunch 13:00-16:00 Expert 1:1 meetings + Community lounge The event is free, but registration is required: http://lp.google-mkto.com/Cloud-Platform-DLD.html

  • I/O Extended by GDG Tel Aviv

    Google Tel Aviv Campus

    We are organizing an I/O extended event at Google Campus Please register for the event at http://www.eventbrite.com/e/io-extended-by-gdg-tlv-tickets-11969500097 this is just a place holder