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Developing an Attractive Mindset. Do you have any social phobias, bad behavior habits, inner-demons, self-sabotaging behavior, etc. that just doesn't allow your attractive self to come out? I always felt like a social outcast and grew up with crazy social phobias around people in which my true self would never come out.

Let's face it, most of us live in our heads and we are slaves to that voice. I was fortunate to live with a life coach in personal development and learnt how to develop natural confidence by embracing my demons with love instead of indulgence by doing shadow work, learning about Lucid Dreaming, taking action with what I feared the most, and strengthened my sense of self by letting go of the dependency of external factors controlling me.

To really bring out your own potential, is to embrace your own darkness with the light by shedding compassion and consciousness in areas that you have rejected, denied, or disowned.

This meetup is based on various topics about our psyche:

• Lucid Dreaming

• Shadow Work

• Action steps and Drills to Help Overcome Your Fears/Obstacles

• Healthy Habits to Adopt in Everyday Lifestyle

• Dealing with Self-Confidence/Esteem, Social Anxiety, Inner-Fears, etc.

***Events will be from FREE to $5 - $10 per person for the room charge :) ***

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Dealing with the Fear Of Rejection


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