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Data Science Knowledge Hackathon

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[For Audience]
Do you wish to learn many different concepts of data science in a single power-packed session? Do you wish to get introduced to data science tech and tools? Are you curious to know what data science is all about before your first hands-on session? Then this knowledge sharing event is just the right event for now.

Anyone can attend the finals on 28th July, even if you're not taking part in the hackathon. As audience, you get to vote and your vote counts in picking the winners.

[For Participants]
Registrations are closed. Hackathon has started!

Rules and evaluation criteria are available online:

There is one first prize, two second prizes and three third prizes. Details are in the registration form. Good luck!

Introducing the judges & the event
Break & networking
Judging & prize distribution

Each team will have 8 minutes to present their assigned topic. No slides are needed. You have to present the completed article page. Following are the topics for the finals:

Data Science [Arvind P]
WordNet [narendra]
Speech Recognition [Arjun G & Team]
Reinforcement Learning [Pravardhan]
Sentiment Analysis [Manasvi & Team]
Time Series Analysis [Nandan]

Convolutional Neural Network [Abinesh Sankar]
Factor Analysis [Sanchay]
Artificial Neural Network [Kashyap K N & Team]
Association Rule Mining [Mohan]
Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors for Data Scientists [Mayur]
Named Entity Recognition [Rajesh Shenoy]
Statistical Classification [aj18386]
Anomaly Detection [svidhyasankari]
ImageNet [abhizcc]
Machine Learning as a Service [Amey Bhilegaonkar & Team]
Part-of-Speech Tagging [Alok Yermalkar & Team]
Generative Adversarial Networks [gautham.k.28]
Clustering [Aashish Ranjan]
Text Summarization [Raja Sekhar Reddy Donthireddy & Team]
Deep Learning Frameworks [amitkayal]
Recommendation Algorithms [shreya.alla21]
Recurrent Neural Network [adarshcool97]
Machine Learning in Python [Munireddy]