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Ruby Fundamentals (Free Hands-on Workshop for Beginners)

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Ruby is one of the most popular programming languages. It's particularly suited for developing web applications since many features come out of the box. It's been described variously as beautiful, handy, practical and easy. On the inside it's complex but on the outside it's simple. It was designed with a focus on simplicity and productivity.

With this hands-on workshop, participants will be introduced to the language. Workshop is for beginners. It will be a mix of theory and practice. We will introduce a concept and then let participants try it out via guided exercises.

Skills Imparted
Fundamentals of Ruby language. Language syntax. A solid foundation to further learn advanced concepts and Ruby on Rails, a Ruby-based web framework that does "magical" things.

This is for anyone interested in programming. No knowledge of Ruby is required. They must be familiar with basic concepts of programming such as data types, operators, if-else statements, functions, and so on.

4 hours

1. Install Ruby:
2. Try out irb (Interactive Ruby):
3. Have a good editor such as Vim, Sublime or your favourite one.
4. Revise the basics of programming:
5. You can also try out sample code. Workshop content is shared in advance:

1. Ruby Basics (Section 1)
What is Ruby
History of Ruby
Ruby Features
Hello World
Numbers, Constants, Strings, Variables
Naming conventions

2. Ruby Basics (Section 2)
Getting input from User
Ruby Methods ending with ! or ?
Ruby Blocks
Ruby Arrays

3. Ruby Basics (Section 3)
Read/Write Files
Regular Expressions
Access Control
Write your own Class
Ruby Procs
Including other files
Duck Typing
Module / Mixins

1. Budh Ram Gurung. Loves FOSS and considers himself an Open Source advocate.
2. Akanksha Agarwal. Back-end engineer at Bang The Table. Loves FOSS and passionate about teaching.