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Introduction to Python Programming

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Python is intended to be a highly readable programming language. It is designed to have an uncluttered visual layout, frequently using English keywords where other languages use punctuation. This is a 2:30 hour session (with 30 mins break) on introduction to Python, wherein students will learn basics of programming in python, Python Shell, input/output statements, data types, and conditional executions. Towards the end of the lecture, we will do few exercises and kindle interest in kids who are just starting programming. Students are expected to carry a laptop/Mac, and download instructions for Python and IDE (PyCharm) will be shared before the class.

Pre-requisite: 6+ grader and must have basic computer skills.

Software Requirement:

Python (3.3.5): (


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Donation to Charity: Devoxx4Kids is partnering with Unity Care and collecting gifts for foster kids. The suggested items are listed here ( It would be great if you can bring any item from the list and drop them during registration.

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