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Save the date for four exciting technology workshops for kids! Sign up to receive the most up to date information. See below for details on the event.

Kid are the producers of technology in the future. Start preparing today.

Parents and their kids ages 6-10 years, 8-12 years and 12-18 years old are invited to participate in four fun, hands-on workshops at Devoxx4Kids Chicagoland Tech Fun Field Day 2015. Children will learn to build computer games, program robots, build circuits and have fun! Similar workshops have been held in California, Colorado, Atlanta, and Vancouver.

These workshops provide kids with the skills and experiences that will prepare them to be leaders in our ever-changing economy and diverse, complex society.

Fun, Hands-On Workshops

Lego Mindstorms (ages 8-14)
A great way to introduce kids into the world of programming by controlling the physical world with their computers. Kids will build a project with Lego bricks and learn how to deploy, edit and run Java.

Minecraft Modding (ages 10-18)
A multi-player game about building and placing blocks in a 3D environment. Kids will learn how to write (code) “mods” that can change the way this hugely popular online game is played.

Circuit Art (ages 6-10)
Kids will play with dough and learn about electricity and circuits. Kids will create things using dough, batteries, LED and more.

Introduction to Scratch (ages 6-10)
Scratch ( teaches kids how to create interactive stories, animation, games, music and art and share their creations on the web.

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Circuit Art/Scratch

Lego Mindstorm