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We will be touring the Silla exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Korea's Golden Kingdom (57 B.C. - 935 A.D)

With over 100 treasures, this is the first time in the West to focus on Silla. Along with the various treasures are Buddhist icons.

Some interesting facts of Silla: In 528 A.D. Silla adopted Buddhism as their state religion. Silla unified the peninsula by conquering two other states major states, Koguryo and Paekche. The expanded Silla geographically is essentially the same as today.

Meeting Location: Everyone, we need to meet at Group Desk. To get there, use the Main Entrance on Fifth Avenue at 82nd Street. Check-in is with the Group / Will Call Desk, located on the back left-hand side wall in the Great Hall lobby. The group may wait next to the flowers located to the right of the Group Desk.

This also provides us with a discounted entry, $20 (a $5 discount from $25)

I have invited a learned Buddhist lay practitioner to assist us a an informal tour guide. The estimated time together at the exhibit is 90 mins. Thus there will be time for members to explore other parts of the Museum.

After the tour we may grab a cup of coffee or snack. Please join us for an afternoon to enjoy the arts at the MET Museum.



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